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Retrograde: Effects of Venus Retrograde

Abhishek AnandAbhishek Anand Updated 18 Jun 2024 03:05 PM IST
Venus Retrograde
Venus Retrograde - Photo : MyJyotish

Special Things

Venus Retrograde: This Retrograde generally increases the hormones of the individual. Retrograde Venus gives the feeling of gaining all the luxury and wealth in life. If the Venus is badly placed then, this Venus can give hidden sexual problems. Venus retrograde if placed well in natal chart then the person may enjoy all luxury in life.


A planet goes backward in the Solar System during a period that is said to be retrograde. When planets appear to travel backward in the sky, this is known as retrograde motion. The Earth's orbit is moving, which is what is causing this apparent retrograde motion. But the meaning of a retrograde planet in astrology goes well beyond its apparent motion and is far more complex.

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In simple words, we can say that a retrograde planet is a planet that comes close to the Earth with its high speed which seems like it's moving backward.

According to astrology, a planet's influence on native changes when it is retrograde at the moment of birth. Because of its many implications, the retrograde planet, also called Vakri Graha, has even greater significance in Vedic astrology. Astrology is well known for observing the all planets orbit the Earth at different speeds. The length of their influence on each sign and its effects are determined by their speed and alignment with the zodiac. It is therefore necessary to understand the significance of a retrograde planet in astrology, as well as many kinds of retrograde planets and how they affect a horoscope.

Vedic Astrology on Retrograde

According to Vedic Astrology, the Sun and Moon always move in direct motion, never moving backward. Rahu and Ketu always move backward or in retrograde motion. Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are the five planets with direct and apparent retrograde motion.
When a planet takes a retrograde motion, its energy is essentially blocked, making it more difficult for the life areas that fall under its domain to express themselves. According to astrologers, the retrograde planet at the time of birth needs to be carefully examined because it influences the native's personality and other areas of life. The native puts in more effort than the average person to succeed in life.

Vakri is the Sanskrit word for retrograde planets, and it means twisted, crooked, winding, indirect, or ambiguous. Therefore, retrograde planets have the potential to be adaptable, to turn things around, to make things unclear, to convey their message indirectly, and to have a unique perspective on life. People can use their retrograde planets' qualities to their advantage or disadvantage, depending on how they deal with them. The choice of how to use this power to do good or harm on the planet rests with each individual.

A planet's energy is effectively interrupted when it moves retrogradely, which makes it more challenging for the life domains that are under its influence to express themselves. Astrologers claim that because the retrograde planet at the time of birth affects a native's personality and other aspects of life, it is important to study it closely. To achieve in life, the native works harder than the typical person.

Retrograde planets are called Vakri in Sanskrit, which also means twisted, crooked, tortuous, indirect, or ambiguous. Retrograde planets therefore have the capacity to be flexible, to reverse events, to create ambiguity, to subtly express their message, and to have a singular outlook on life. The attributes of their retrograde planets can work in people's favor or against them, depending on how they handle them. It is up to each person to decide how to use this power for the planet's benefit or destruction.

Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde is considered a spectacular occurrence in astrology, and its effects are immediately reflected in the behavior of a native. Venus must retrograde roughly 7.22% of the time during her approximately 45-day stay in a sign of the zodiac. Venus is a planet of passion, wealth, romance, love, and all things lovely. A person may go far in areas of love, creativity, beauty, enjoyment, receiving, peace, and inner harmony if Venus is retrograde in their chart.

Venus is the Karaka of marriage, therefore it might lead to strange marriages when it is in retrograde. Venus is the water element ruler, or Apas, is linked to feelings, flavor, happiness, and peace. Venus might have an impact on all of these aspects of life if it was retrograde in the natal chart.

Retrograde accurate prediction is determined by the position of the planet where it sits. Generally, it is said that Retrograde planets are more powerful and have more influence on life.

Retrograde Venus can be beneficial if exalted, seated in a friendly sign, placed in a friendly sign, or has a friendly relationship with the Ascendant.

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