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Pisces Horoscope Today - 23 October 2023

MyJyotish Expert Updated 23 Oct 2023 02:14 PM IST
Pisces Horoscope 2022
Pisces Horoscope 2022 - Photo : MyJyotish Expert
(TODAY) Pisces Horoscope, -  23 October 2023
Truth bomb: It’s time to stop waiting for things to happen and to make them happen. You know what you want, beautiful! It’s time to go after your dreams and desires with unbridled passion. When it comes to love and romance, you’re being asked to exercise a certain amount of caution. No, we’re not telling you to stop taking chances or putting yourself out there. We’re simply encouraging you to see people (and situations) as they are instead of putting people on a pedestal and building castles in the air.

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(TOMORROW) Pisces Horoscope,  24 October 2023
Pisceans in the field of education are being encouraged to prioritise both learning and teaching. If it helps you expand your mind and indulge your curious nature, it means you’re on the right track! The week ahead could also bring with itself the opportunity to connect with your mentors and guides; to seek the counsel of those who have helped you evolve into the version of you that you are today. Neptunians who’ve recently gone through a break-up are being reminded that all is not lost. A proposal could come your way unexpectedly. Alternatively, somebody from your past (maybe the one who got away?) may broach the subject of forever together. With Kismet on your side, anything is possible!

(YESTERDAY) Pisces Horoscope , 22 October 2023
But, this isn’t the weekend to sulk about what went wrong, and why. This is the weekend to get your crew together and celebrate the joy and sweetness of being alive, Pisces! When you remember that life is meant to be a celebration, your perception of reality will transform drastically. As such, the cards are also urging you to take a good look at your habits. To see how and where are being called to make certain adjustments. Overheard at the cosmic conference: waking up with the sun promises to raise your vibrations and boost your health.

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Zodiac PISCES: About  PISCES 

You are a person full of kindness and an optimistic spirit. You have a constant belief in spiritual things and have a great passion. You build strong relationships with the people around you. You are a person who heals other people. You are gentle, intuitive, and wise by nature. You tend to trust people a lot and this lands you in trouble. You also tend to escape from reality. You are constantly fearing the changes going on. You often think you are victimized and often remain sad by nature. You should not always feel sad about the things going on. You should be strong and determined and not escape yourself from any situation.
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