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Get 108 Atharvashirsha Recitations Durba Sahastrarchan Conducted By Five Brahmins In Kashi Durg Vinayak Temple Online This Vinayak Chaturthi Attract Blessings Of Lord Ganesha 19 September 2023

Get 108 Atharvashirsha recitations & Durba Sahastrarchan conducted by five Brahmins in Kashi Durg Vinayak Temple Online, this Vinayak Chaturthi, Attract blessings of Lord Ganesha - 19 September 2023

By: MyJyotish Expert

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Result of Atharvashirsha recitation and Durba Sahastrarchan

  • Lord Ganesha will be happy and bestow you with blessings
  • Increase in wealth, prosperity, intelligence and fame
  • Freedom from incurable diseases and longevity
  • Relief from financial problems
  • Marital happiness and peace at home
  • Elimination of evil planets

Namami Vighneshwar Paad Pankajam.

All auspicious work becomes successful just by taking the name of the revered Gauri's son Shri Ganesh Ji. By worshipping Lord Ganesha, all wishes are fulfilled. Atharvashirsha recitation is of utmost importance for the desire to worship Lord Ganesha. By reciting Atharvashirsha once, one gets the desired boon. Shri Ganesh ji gets immense happiness after listening to the recitation of Atharvashirsha and he bestows his devotees with happiness and prosperity.

Durba is very dear to Shri Ganesh ji. By offering one, seven or eleven Durbas to Ganapati, he completes any work planned. The impossible can become possible by reciting Atharvashirsha 108 times and worshipping Lord Ganesha with 1008 Durba by Brahmins on the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month i.e. Vinayak (Ganesh) Chaturthi. The destroyer of obstacles often becomes immensely pleased and bestows wealth, prosperity, intelligence and fame to the person doing the worship or after getting it done. Apart from this, Ganpati also cures incurable diseases, financial problems, marital problems and planetary defects.

Our Pooja Services:-
On the date of Vinayak Chaturthi, 108 Shri Atharvashirsha Path and Durba Sahastrarchan will be conducted by 5 Brahmins in Durg Vinayak Temple of Varanasi with complete rituals. Before worship, Pandit Ji will make a resolution in your name.

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