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Group Brahmin Feast On Darsh Amavasya And Offer Pitru Tarpan In Gaya Get Freedom From Pitridosh And Debt 23 November 2022

group Brahmin feast on Darsh Amavasya, and offer Pitru Tarpan in Gaya, get freedom from Pitridosh and debt - 23 November 2022

By: MyJyotish Expert

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Fruit of worship on Amavasya

  • freedom from sin
  • attainment of peace
  • economic prosperity
  • get rid of home troubles
  • fear of accident

The date of Amavasya falls on the last date of Krishna Paksha of every month and hence the day of Amavasya comes. According to Hindu mythology, Amavasya is called the day of new moon. It is also said that spirits are considered more effective on this day.

Therefore it is advised to keep distance from bad deeds and negative thoughts on Chaturdashi and Amavasya (New Moon) days so as to attain happiness and peace within oneself. Pitra Daan, Pitra Visarjan or donation in the name of Pitra is also considered auspicious for the mental satisfaction of his soul.

Among all Amavasyas (Amavasyas), Darshan Amavasya is considered the most important and significant in Hindu culture according to the lunisolar calendar.
Religious activities like chanting mantras, worshiping deities, worshiping deities and performing rituals etc. on Amavasya require special attention. However, one cannot see the moon in the sky; Chandra Dev is specially worshiped on this day.

Worshiping ancestors (Pitra) is also auspicious and glorious. Many tantric pujas are also performed at night during Amavasya. The moon god is also believed to be the nurturer of the life of birds and animals; Hence, worship performed on Darshan Amavasya protects the souls of these living beings and eases their path of life.

Our Worship Services :-
Brahmins will be offered a feast after worship by our Pandit ji with complete rituals. Before the puja, you will get a resolution from the Pandit over the phone.

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