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12 effective remedies for Pitra Dosh

MyJotish Expert Updated 07 Aug 2021 10:39 AM IST
pitra dosh
pitra dosh - Photo : Google
Often people get fed up with many problems and go to Astrologers. You must have found that Astrology many times tells you to be suffering from Pitra Dosh by looking at the horoscope. But not everyone knows about what this Pitra Dosh is after all. The place of ancestors is in the ninth house of a person's horoscope. And in Navagraha, the symbol of ancestors is considered to be the sun. 

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Therefore, in whose horoscope the Sun is situated with inauspicious planets, or if there is a vision of any bad planet on the Sun, then Pitra Dosh arises in that horoscope. Due to which there are problems like discord in the family. Apart from this, one or the other member of the house is mostly ill. And if there is a constant lack of money, then it will be considered that the person is suffering from Pitra Dosh.
There are many types of Pitra Dosh. According to the astrological calculations, different positions of the horoscope reveal whether the person has Pitra Dosh or not. If someone's horoscope. If there is a Maya defect, then no auspicious work can be done in the house even after a million wishes.
 So, let's know about these 12 reasons for having Pitra Dosh-

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1. The ninth house of a person's horoscope indicates that the person has brought with him the merit of the previous birth in this birth. If Mercury, Rahu, or Venus are present in the ninth house of the horoscope, then the person suffers from Pitra Dosha.

2. If Jupiter is present in the first house of a person's horoscope, then it is considered cursed. And due to the curse of the Guru, it is natural to have Pitra Dosh.

3.  According to the birth chart, if Jupiter is sitting in the seventh house then in such a situation minor Pitra Dosh is considered.

4. If Rahu is sitting in the Ascendant, then there is a solar eclipse and Pitra Dosh. Apart from this, if there is Ketu with Moon and Rahu is sitting with Sun, then there is Pitra Dosha in this situation.

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5. Even if Rahu is placed in the fifth house of the birth chart, it indicates Pitru Dosh.

6. According to the horoscope, if the sight of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu remains on the Sun, then it is considered as Pitra Dosha in the horoscope.

7. According to scholars, it has been told that Pitru Dosh is related to Guru. If the effect of two bad planets is on Jupiter and Jupiter is sitting in the 4-8-12th house or is in a debilitated sign or is poor by degrees, then in this situation this defect decreases completely. But this Pitra Dosh comes from the ancestors which continue for seven books.

8. The condition of your house can cause Pitra Dosh. If the North direction and Northeast angle of your house is not properly, then along with Dev Dosh, Pitra Dosh also arises.

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9. If your house's Vastu, planets, and constellations are all right, then in some way or the other, you are living in misery or lack of property, then in this situation think once about the parental barrier. needed. It may be that your past karma is bad or you may have to bear the compensation for the deeds of your ancestors.

10. If the family members suffered from any disease which one of your ancestors had ever had, then in this situation also Pitra Dosh will be considered as a valid reason.

11. A person who has done bad karma or anti-religious work in his previous life, then his habits will remain in this life also and he will repeat the bad karma. 

12. If you have renounced the religion of your ancestors, have not disrespected the religion of the clan, or have boycotted the Kuldev and Kuldevi, then in such a situation also Pitra Dosh is felt. And this defect does not leave the chase till birth.

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To get rid of Pitra Dosh, protect and worship the Kuldev or Kuldevi of your family.
Have faith in the religion of the ancestors.
At the time of Shradh, do tarpan for ancestors.
And keep reverence in your mind for your ancestors.
Apart from this, recite Hanuman Chalisa.
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