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15 Vastu tips that will transform your life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 06 Sep 2021 08:11 PM IST
15 Vastu tips that will transform your life
15 Vastu tips that will transform your life - Photo : Google
Try These 15 Vastu Tips That Will Transform Your Life
The place you live in or your workspace is an important part of your life as the majority of your time is going to be spent there. Therefore, the placement of things and the direction of our houses and offices can impact our way of living in many ways. This is where the role of Vastu Shastra comes in. Vastu can decide the energy of the house as well as can influence the health and wealth. In recent times, people have been appreciative of this concept and have been following Vastu to bring more peace and happiness to the house. Those who live in houses that are built in accordance with Vastu tend to live a happier and more successful life than those who don’t believe or follow Vastu-based tips while moving to a new house. Vastu can channelize our energies, influence our stars and bring more materialistic and spiritual happiness. Although, it’s not possible to follow it every step the more you follow, the luckier you will get. People who follow Vastu have a better state of mind, they are filled with positivity and hence they are more likely to achieve their goals.

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            Many times there are arguments and tense situations in our house for absolutely unnecessary reasons. The close relationships turn sour and indifference between house members grows. There will be quarrels every now and then. These all can happen due to Vastu Dosha. Read and follow these 15 tips on how to get rid of unwanted disputes and live a happier and peaceful life as per Vastu Shastra :
  1. Lighting up “Guggul ” once a week in your house can bring positive energy and eliminate all the negativity of the house. 
  2. It will be favorable to get wheat ground along with two grains of Nageshkar and eleven leaves of Tulsi.
  3. Kindling diyas with mustard along with cloves is another great Vastu tip that can bring peace and prosperity in the house.
  4. Offering milk to Tulsi every Thursday can end unwanted disputes and bring calmness and mental peace.
  5. It is considered auspicious when some milk is sprinkled on Tawa after making chapatis.
  6. Take out the first chapati for the cow, who is considered a holy animal among Hindus.
  7. The three doors of the house should never be in the same line.
  8. Never let dry flowers be in the house.
  9. Put pictures of Saint and Mahatmas in your drawing room that look like their showering blessings upon you.
  10. Do not keep things that are broken, having junk, or those things that are of no use.
  11. In the South-East corner, get a portrait of something that is filled with green color.
  12. There should not be any leaking taps in the house.
  13. There should be furniture with round edges in the house as it is more suitable according to Vastu Shashtra.
  14. The Tulsi plant should be kept in a gallery that is in the East or keeps it where you usually do Pooja.
  15. As per Vastu, if drainage is in North or East then it is auspicious from an economic point of view. 
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