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9 most important lessons from the Ramayana period that are valuable for life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 09 Sep 2021 03:20 PM IST
Ramayan period
Ramayan period - Photo : Google

Ramayana period is one of the oldest cultures of India and valued scriptures that reflect Indian culture. , Lord Rama and Goddess Sita is the epitome of perfection. lessons to be more peaceful and happy. In daily life, the lessons are very relevant to all people. 

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1. First impression
One of the reasons behind Ram’s success was that he did not judge people by their first impression. He did not look at the apes and think, “They cannot fight a man’s battle.” Rather, he judged them by their abilities.

2. Always be loyal to everyone
Ravana tried to lure Sita after abducting her. But Sita never let him succeed in his attempts. Ram didn’t remarry after Sita was forcefully abandoned by him even after conducting the ‘Agni Pariksha’. Being a King, he enjoyed the privilege of having many queens, but he chose to remain loyal to his beloved wife – Sita.

3. Value of faith seeds
Ramayana teaches that a devotee has access to God wherever he/she is. Visiting places of worship is not practical or desirable during the pandemic. However, like Shabari whose devotion brings Lord Rama right to her doorstep, you do not need a temple to worship– all you need is a clear heart and faith. Improving on a 93-year-old tradition, Mumbai’s Lalbaugcha Raja Ganeshotsav Mandal has decided to hold a blood and plasma donation camp to help COVID-19 patients instead of raising the traditional pandal for a grand Ganesh idol.

4. Respect all employees

In Ramayana, Ravana’s younger brother, Vibhishana, realises that he is on the wrong side of the war and wants to be on Lord Rama’s side. Before agreeing to let him stay with him, Lord Rama called a special council of elders and asked them about their opinion, making them feel valued.

A good leader must also provide employees with the opportunity to speak their minds and make them feel valued in the workplace.

5. Value of relationship
Another important lesson that Ramayana taught us was to value relationships more than anything. Whether it was Rama discharging his responsibilities as a son, husband, brother and king or Bharat turning down the throne for his elder brother or Laxman living in exile to be a support for his brother, the message was clear

6. All that glitters is not gold

Sita got attracted to a spotted deer that looked incredibly beautiful. She wanted Ram to get the deer for her from the jungle. Actually, it wasn’t a deer, but Mareech, Ravana’s accomplice in disguise of the animal.

7. Team encouragement is essential

Hanuman Ji's journey to Lanka in search of Goddess Sita is an anecdote of Ramayana, in which the use of principles of management is clearly visible. The purpose of Hanuman ji was to reach Sri Rama's message to Goddess Sita by going to Lanka. When it was confirmed that Goddess Sita was in Lanka, Jamwant ji inspired Bajrangbali to go to Lanka after realizing her strength and powers.

8. Always be a humble

Lord Rama's behaviour was very polite. There was a sense of respect for everyone, which we should learn from his life. We should treat everyone equally irrespective of rank and age. We should also have love and kindness towards animals.

9. Think first what then wisely
During the exile, Goddess Sita had sent her husband, Ram, insisting on hunting a deer. The entire Ramayana has been written on what happened after that. If you do not have an experience like Sita, so insist wisely. Your stubbornness can get you in trouble. Along with this, insist on doing the same thing which is making a big impact in your life.

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