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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Action which reduces your Life span according to Garuda puran, read on to know how can you quit these habits

Action which reduces your Life span according to Garuda puran, read on to know how can you quit these habits

My jyotish expert Updated 22 Aug 2021 08:42 AM IST
Garuda Puran
Garuda Puran - Photo : google

Garuda Purana is considered to be one of the 18 legends. It is believed that all the things mentioned in it are described by Lord Vishnu himself with his mouth. Giving a detailed answer to all the questions of his vehicle Garuda, Lord Vishnu has explained the policy and rule of living life in the right way. He also described the conditions of the people,  and soul from disorientation to rebirth after death according to Karmas. Here are some of the actions mentioned in Garuda Purana that reduce our lifespan. It is beneficial for us to quit these habits.

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1. Curds are counted among healthy foods, but consuming curds at night is an invitation to many diseases. Eating yoghurt at night increases stomach diseases and stomach diseases are the cause of all diseases. Ultimately leads to bad health and frequent visits to the hospital. To eradicate these problems we should always take curd during day time only. Therefore, yoghurt should always be included in the diet of the day.


2. If you eat non-veg and are consuming old meat then you are going to stand many crises in your life. As we know due to certain chemicals and environmental factors bacteria starts growing up in meat. Dangerous bacteria thrive in old meat. In this case, if you eat it, these bacteria get into your stomach and make you prone to various diseases. Consumption of bacteria invading meat can also result in food poisoning, which further leads to weak health.


3. The Garuda Purana states that those who sleep late in the morning reduce their lifespan because there is more pure air in the morning Brahma Muhurta. Many diseases are cured by this air itself. The person does not have respiratory diseases for ages. People who sleep late can't take the life-giving air of the morning. In this case, they are surrounded by all the diseases. It is also said, "early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". The value of Brahma muhurta is known by all, which states that rising early in the morning is excellent for health purposes and reading also.

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4. The smoke that is released from the fire after the combustion of bodies at the crematorium contains a lot of bacteria that get into the air and stick to the bodies of the people there. Therefore, do not stay there long after the funeral and come home to take a bath and wash the clothes well. These bacteria can cause some serious problems if not washed properly and can lead to ailments.

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5. According to Garuda Purana, having sex in the morning or having excessive sex reduces the age of men. In addition, the body is weakened by making contact in the morning. There comes a time when your body loses the strength to fight diseases. This is why yogis and rishis have fixed the morning time for yoga, pranayama and meditation so that power can be accumulated in the body at this time.

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