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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Ants appearing in your home represent both auspicious and unauspicious indications.

Ants appearing in your home represent both auspicious and unauspicious indications.

my jyotish expert Updated 05 Jul 2021 09:07 AM IST
Ants appearing in your home represent both auspicious and unauspicious indications.
Ants appearing in your home represent both auspicious and unauspicious indications. - Photo : google
 We ignore the ants all the time, crush them under our feet and think of them as nothing more than the wicked who bite them. But it's not like that. Ants also give some signals, but we do not understand it. If red ants are often seen or live in your house, then it can be the reason for any Vastu defect.

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Actually there are two types of ants - red and black. Of these, red is considered inauspicious and black is considered auspicious. The presence of red ants in the house indicates inauspicious, while black ants present in the house indicate good luck.
It is said about red ants that due to the increase in their numbers in the house, the debt also increases and it is also an indication of some crisis. In such a situation, people bring medicine to kill ants and kill all the red ants. Killing thousands of ants also makes you feel guilty. This means that if you get rid of one problem, you get stuck in another. Black ants are also killed while killing the red ants.

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In such a situation, do not kill the red ants with any medicine, but adopt a simple method. You must have lemon in your house. Just take out some of its peel and cut it into pieces and keep them in the place of red ants. In no time those ants will run away from there. Another remedy is to put pieces of bay leaf. Similarly, cloves or black pepper can also be used.

There has been a tradition of putting flour to both types of ants since ancient times. By adding flour mixed with sugar to the ants, the person becomes free from all kinds of bondage. By giving food to thousands of ants every day, those ants recognize the same person and start having good feelings towards him and they start praying for him. The effect of the prayer of ants can save you from every crisis.

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-It is auspicious to see a row of red ants pressing eggs in their mouths. The whole day remains auspicious and pleasant
-Those who give flour to the ant and rice to the little birds, they go to Vaikuntha.
-People troubled by debt pour sugar and flour to the ants. By doing so, the loan gets terminated sooner

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