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Apply these effective Vastu tips for your home to attract positivity and happiness

My Jyotish Expert Updated 03 Sep 2021 05:41 PM IST
Effective tips in Vastu Shastra for Positive home
Effective tips in Vastu Shastra for Positive home - Photo : Google
We all tend to face different crises in our life. Astrology and Vastu experts often suggest some remedies to deal with different kinds of crises. While many times we tend to hear people mentioning that many of our problems arise due to Vastu defects. Also, many times we face disputes between family members or friends.  Assuming thinking about what might be the explanation, you will be shocked to realize that your home Vastu can be answerable for every one of the issues around you. Read on to find effective home Vastu tips that will assist with making harmony in your relations and work on your bond.
  1. It is considered auspicious to place circle-shaped furniture in your house.
  2. Fix all leaking taps in your house, leaking taps means draining wealth.
  3. Discard all old, tampered, and useless things, such things attract negative energy to your house.
  4. Never keep dried flowers in your house.
  5. Always keep the first chapati for the cows, and feed them.
  6. Whenever lighting a Diya keep in mind to use mustard oil and also add cloves in the oil, this attracts positivity.
  7. It is considered auspicious to offer milk to the Tulsi plant every Thursday.
  8. Sprinkle some milk on the pan after making chappati.
  9. Hang a picture in your drawing room of saints blessing you.
  10. Place plants or pictures of plants in the southeast direction of the house.
  11. Always place tulsi plants near the pooja room or in the East direction.
  12. While constructing of your house keep in mind, that 3 doors should never be aligned in the same row.
  13. Never keep the kitchen slab or the utensils dirty overnight. Clean them before going to sleep.
  14. Vastu Shastra does not allow paintings that depict violence.
  15. Toilets and bathrooms must face the northwest direction of the home and never share a wall of the kitchen or the Pooja room and they should also not be placed under the stairs.

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