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Astro remedies: These measures might seem simple but can do wonders

My Jyotish expert Updated 15 Oct 2021 04:08 PM IST
Astro remedies
Astro remedies - Photo : Google
Many times in life there are some problems, whose solution is not found even after searching in astrology and vastu. In such a situation, in order to solve your problems and get the boon of good luck, you must try the remedies given below once.

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Many times in life some problems come such that they do not even take the name of going. Even after hard work, you do not get the full result. Even non-selfs start becoming strangers to themselves. Every day something untoward happens in the house. If you think that these problems are different from astrology or Vastu, then you must try the remedies given below once to remove the known-unknown enemies, fears, ghosts and obstacles related to your life. These measures are small but extremely effective to remove problems like overhead obstacles and eyesight defects and doing it with faith and belief definitely gives benefits.
Baby eye remedies
If you have a newborn baby here and you feel that due to sighting, He does not drink milk or is not able to digest and reverse, then on any Saturday, take milk in a bowl and pour it over the child and give it to a black dog.
To remove the fear-ghost barrier
If you feel that a member of the house is under the shadow of upper air or some ghost has been holding you, then on any Monday, take a black thread seven times the length of that person and go to the peepal and incense-lamp. And after offering Bhog, wrap that thread on Peepal. After this, request the Peepal deity to remove such ghost-obstacle and return without turning back after offering water to Peepal.
when the baby starts to wake up startled.
If you or any child wakes up by surprise while sleeping, then keep a copper vessel filled with water by its head and sleep with some loose salt on it. After this, drink that water first thing as soon as you wake up in the morning and put salt near a tree. After taking this remedy, this complaint will go away.

When the child does not feel like studying
If your child does not take interest in studies and the Vastu etc. of his study room is also correct, then to overcome this problem. You should keep a pair of matches in a temple with his hand continuously for seven Sundays.

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