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PM Modi Security Breach, Januray 2022: Know the astrological angle

My Jyotish Expert Updated 06 Jan 2022 08:27 PM IST
PM Modi Security Punjab
PM Modi Security Punjab - Photo : google
PM Modi Security Breach, Januray 2022: Know the astrological angle
On Wednesday, while going for a rally in Punjab's Ferozepur, there was a big lapse in the security arrangements of the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Due to bad weather, the Prime Minister's convoy going towards Ferozepur by road was suddenly stopped by the protesters by jamming a flyover. After a few minutes the Prime Minister's convoy went back to the Bathinda airport. On reaching there, PM Modi told a Punjab government official that to thank your CM that I was able to return to the airport alive. According to astrology, the planetary influence of PM Modi's birth chart at that time saved him from untoward.

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Yesterday, on Wednesday, the Prime Minister was to start the BJP's election campaign from Punjab's Ferozepur. Crowds had also started to gather for the rally, but before reaching Ferozepur, their convoy was stopped by the protesters and the rally was cancelled. The Prime Minister also had to reach here to inaugurate schemes worth more than 42 thousand crores. They were to reach the National Martyrs Memorial at Hussaini Wala, Ferozepur by helicopter from Bathinda airport, due to bad weather they had to wait 20 minutes in Bathinda itself. When the weather did not improve, after informing the Punjab DGP, they left by road to cover a distance of two hours till there. The Prime Minister's convoy was forcibly stopped on the flyover by several agitated protesters 30 km before reaching the National Martyrs Memorial. After 15-20 minutes from there the Prime Minister returned to Bathinda.
Ignoring the prime minister's security protocol in a vulnerable area could have caused any untoward incident. Due to which politics has heated up across the country. The astrologers made an astrological estimate of this situation by analyzing the planetary movements and their horoscopes.
In the sixth house of PM Modi's birth chart, Rahu is situated in Pisces at 05 degrees and 12′ 49 longitudes. Rahu is in the sign of his friend Guru and Jupiter is currently transiting in Aquarius sign of Saturn. At the beginning of 2022, Rahu was in the house of fortune, due to which there could be a serious crisis on the king. According to the Panchang, on January 5 there was the effect of death in Bhadravas and also the Panchak period. New work should never be started during Panchak period. Because of which a great misfortune could have happened to them. But, in the horoscope of the world's most popular politician, Prime Minister, there is a vision of Sun and Mercury towards Rahu, which saves them from being harmed by Rahu. In the twelfth of Modi ji's horoscope, that is, in his own house, Mercury is situated in Virgo. This position shows the exalted influence of Mercury in his horoscope. Due to the transit of Mercury in Capricorn just a week ago, this adverse circumstance did not have any adverse effect on him.
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