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Astrological Remedies for a Happy Marriage

my jyotish expert Updated 30 Jun 2021 02:33 PM IST
Astrological Remedies for a Happy Marriage
Astrological Remedies for a Happy Marriage - Photo : Google
Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals who promise to love and support each other for life. So, problems in married life can have a deep impact on one’s entire well-being. A disturbed marriage can disturb each and every aspect of your life. Although the foundation of a happy and peaceful marriage is trust and understanding but sometimes the problem lies in the stars. Several things are responsible for how we behave, feel, react, and relate to other people; love, relationship, and marriage not exempted. Astrology offers remedies to all relationship and marriage related problems. It is believed that marriage is decided in the heavens; so, when there are delays in marriage or there are certain challenges in the marriage, it is best to seek astrological remedies for all marriage problems.Everyone dreams of a wonderfully joyous and happy married life. Nowadays, people are driven more by their egos than emotions, feelings, or rationality and this creates tension and disharmony at home with rippling effects on their career, jobs, and social life. A problem in marriage reflects on the daily life of the couple as they are seen bereft of bliss, motivation, creativity, and satisfaction.So, if you are having constant trouble in your married life or there are disputes and disagreements between you and your spouse, it could be due to an astrological effect. However, certain remedies can ensure you enjoy a peaceful married life with your partner.

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Astro Remedies for a Happy Marriage-

  • A Weak Mars

A weak Mars i. e. Mangal, is one of the causes of discord between a couple. To strengthen this planet and to avoid problems in marriage due to it, one should chant ‘Om angangarakayanamaha’ , during the beginning of ShuklaPaksha and make sure you keep a Sandalwood Rosary in hand.
  • Donate Rice or Gram Flour

To build more trust between you and your spouse and to strengthen the love, you should donate either gram flour (besan) or rice, preferably to the priests, saints or fakirs on every Thursday.
  • Donate Oil

If there are frequent disputes and disagreements between you and your partner, then you should donate oil every Saturday. Moreover, you should avoid wearing black clothes.
  • Donate Five Almonds

An effective way to enhance the understanding between you and your partner is to donate five almonds to the poor and needy. Do it every Sunday to improve your relationship. Another remedy is to place water brought from a water source at a cemetery and keep it in your safe or Puja Ghar.
  • Help The disabled

Help the disabled or the handicapped as much as you can, especially on the day of your wedding anniversary. Try and donate a religious book, 7 types of grains and one coconut along with food and clothes. It will help you get rid of the entire disturbance that is there in your married life.
  • Chant Mantras

To improve the relations with your spouse and to get rid of any discord or fight, one should recite ‘Om pram preemproumsahshanaischarayanamah’ in the evening (after sunset) facing the East direction.
  • Plant A Peepal Tree

The prospective bride and groom should each plant a Peepal tree and water it for 11 days to enjoy a happy future with their spouse.
  • Light a Candle/Lamp On South East Wall

The boy and the girl should light a candle or an earthen lamp (diya) on the south-east wall of their homes. They should do it in the morning as well as in the evening to establish happiness and love in their future married life.
  • Do Charity on Day Of Your Marriage

The bride, as well as the groom, should donate 7 types of grains, coconut, food and red cloth to 8 girls separately on the day of their marriage. The couple is blessed with love, happiness and fortune.
  • Offer Prayers To the Sun

The boy or the groom should worship the Sun daily and devotedly. He should offer water mixed with sugar, roli, rice and red flowers to the Sun every morning and pray for a happy married life.
  • Get Rid Of VaaniDosha

The bride or the girl must get rid of VaaniDosha, if present, completely before getting married. The most effective remedy that can help one nullify the effect of this dosha is Energize a Cowrie Shell by reciting 1008 mantras of Goddess Saraswati and then wear this shell around your neck as a pendant, preferably in a silver chain.

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