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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Astrology 2022: know the miraculous effect of having coconut tree in your courtyard

Astrology 2022: know the miraculous effect of having coconut tree in your courtyard

My Jyotish Expert Updated 12 Aug 2022 11:34 AM IST
Coconut offering to god
Coconut offering to god - Photo : Google
Know what gives the coconut tree in the courtyard

It is considered very auspicious to plant a coconut tree in the house. It is also called quince in other words. Coconut tree is very much seen in South India. There, the festival is also celebrated by the name of Coconut Purnima.Wherever you go to any temple, it is considered very auspicious to climb or break a coconut in the temple. Coconut is a symbol of auspiciousness in any form. We plant many types of trees for auspiciousness in the house. Let us know in what ways we can take advantage of planting coconut trees at home:-

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If we talk about coconut bark, then it helps in building the house. When the bark of the coconut dries up, it is cut and made into the roof of the house. It is mostly seen in South India. Along with this, huts are also made from coconut wood and its bark.

Talking about coconut fruit, it is very beneficial for our body. By drinking coconut water, we can reduce our appetite by eating its fruit. Or we can also make something sweet by cooking its fruit.

Talking about business, if you are getting frustrated in business, then you should plant a coconut tree in the courtyard of the house. By doing this the obstacles in business will be removed. Coconut is very beneficial in every form.

According to the need, we can also make furniture for the house from coconut wood. Mats, fans, baskets, etc. can be made from their dried leaves. Along with this, rope can be made from its dried Jat. It has also been found that brushes and bags are also made from the dried bark of coconut.

Talking about food, eating it is beneficial for many diseases. Because potassium, minerals, fiber, and mineral elements are found in abundance in coconut. Coconut fruit can be used in both dried or green (soft) forms. Just like dry coconut oil is made, sweets can also be made and we can eat it like this too.

If you have any kind of trick on you, then you can take a coconut and burn it 21 times by going to any god place. . But keep one thing in mind that coconut should be watery and do this trick only on any Tuesday and Saturday, doing it on any other day will not be fruitful.

If you are not able to get rid of debt, then you can plant a coconut tree in the courtyard of your house. While planting a coconut tree, keep one thing in mind that the coconut tree should be planted in the right direction. Coconut tree should be planted at any time in the south or west direction of the house. This ensures stability and growth in the house.
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