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Astrology: Its hidden Astro - Secrets, Truth and Other Sciences

Acharya Chandrashekhar Shastri Updated 08 Jun 2021 10:01 AM IST
Astrology & Other Sciences
Astrology & Other Sciences - Photo : Google
Medicine is not really possible without astrology.
Astrology is Vedanga, auxiliary disciplines of Hinduism. It is a crime of wisdom to criticize it.
One who does not believe in astrology is a cynic of Vedas.

-Acharya Chandrashekhar Shastri
(All India President, National Council of Astrology)
The Supreme Leader, Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj has harsh critical views on astrology but we don’t object him calling astrology as hypocrisy, lies, business because whatever he say is his own wish. The light of the sun is not reduced by anyone's advice. Astrology is the science of the Sun and the Moon. To stigmatize it comes under the category of prajnapradha. Whose punishment itself gives when time comes. We would like to present our opinions on what is astrology according to the Vedic knowledge coming from time immemorial from the tradition of Sanatan.

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Sanatan, Vedic, Hindu culture and Aryan tradition worship the Vedas as their main scripture. There are six auxiliary disciplines of Vedas in the scriptures- Shiksha, Kalpa, Nirukta, Vyaakarana, Jyotish and Chhand. Acoording to the ancient scriptures, astrology is also known as “eye of Vedas” whose witness is the Sun and the Moon.
We haven’t created Astrology. We follow the sutras of astrology that have been written by the sages who have sung the hymns of the Vedas
Astrology is the science of calculating the motion of planets favorable or unfavorable to the position of constellations etc. whose 18th originator says-
सूर्यः पितामहो व्यासो वसिष्ठोऽत्रि पराशरः।
कश्यपो नारदो गर्गो मरीचिर्मनुरङ्गिराः।।
लोमशः पौलिशश्चैव च्यवनो यवनो भृगुः ।
शौनकोऽष्टादशश्चैते ज्योतिःशास्त्र प्रवर्तकः।।

Surya, Brahma, Vyasa, Vashishtha, Atri, Parashara, Kashyapa, Narada, Garga, Marichi, Manu, Angira, Lomasha, Polisha, Chyavana, Yavana, Bhrigu, Shaunaka etc., almost all of these originating sages of scripture have found a place as sages of the hymns of the Vedas.
Astrology is called Triskandha. The description of Triskandha astrology is found in the Narada Samhita, under which the names of Ganita, Jataka (Hora) and Samhita are known.

In the Mathematics section also known as Ganita Skandha, includes the methods of explaining the Parikrama (addition, subtraction, multiplication, hymn, square, square root, money and money root) of the planets, apart from this, Anuyoga (knowledge of country, direction and time), lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, sun rise, sunset, shadow, moon rise, Gahayuti (the sum of planets) and Pata Mahapata (revolution of the Sun and Moon) are also clearly mentioned in this.

In the Jataka skandha, Rashi, Grahayoni (planetary species, forms and qualities, etc.), Vionij (non-human birth results), Garbhadhaan, Janma, Arishta, Ayurdaya, Dashakram, Karmajiva (livelihood), Ashtakvarga, Yoga, Rashi modesty, Grahadristifal, Bhava Phal of planets, Strijatakaphal, Niryana (idea of death time), Nashta Janmavidhan (type of knowing the time of unknown birth), and Dreshkanas (third part ten parts of the zodiac) etc. have been described.

In the Sanhita Skandha, Grahachar (Planetary movement), Characteristics of the year, Date, Day, Stars, Yoga, Karana, Time, Satellite, Sun Solstice, Planetary transit, Moon and Star force, Thoughts of complete ascendant and season, conception ceremony, Prestige, Home signs, Travel , Home entry ceremony, instant rain knowledge, Karmavalikshnya and the symptom of origin, are described.

All these are the subjects of the Vedas. Any person, who is a Hindu, calls himself Sanatani, calls himself Vedic, believes in Aryan traditions, he has to accept the astrology mentioned in the Vedas because astrology is mentioned in the Vedas. No one made astrology sitting at home. It is ever since the creation of the universe. Therefore the one who does not believe in astrology is a cynic of the Vedas because astrology is part of the Vedas. In Arya Bhattiyam it is said that the fame and tenacity of one who condemns astrology is destroyed. This knowledge, which shines with the light of the Sun and the Moon, gives knowledge of the past, present and future. Knowledge is not lost due to non-belief of anyone. There is so much power in this knowledge that the astrologer sitting in the last corner of the village, without any modern means, calculates and tells you the exact date and time of the solar and lunar eclipses by looking at the calendar. NASA is able to tell the same work by spending crores of rupees.

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There does not seem to be a need to tell how useful astrology is. Today Abrahma i.e., who don’t believe in Sanatan Dharma such as the followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam , have also become great scholars of astrology. This is the reason why astrology has global recognition. The whole world believes in astrology.
The most important fact is that the scriptures have considered astrology, astronomy and Ayurveda as one. That is, Ayurveda cannot exist without astrology because there is an authentic mention of astrology in all the texts of Ayurveda.

Astronomy, Astrology and Ayurveda, all three are the same thing. The division of these three was done by the foreigners with the desire to belittle Sanatana. But even their scientists have started accepting this fact as they too understood that lies do not last long.

If Ayurveda was not based on planetary constellations, then it would not have been mentioned in the texts of Ayurveda that which medicine should be taken at which time and in which constellation the disease started. The classification of diseases first came in astrology itself. To protect the health of the creature and to get rid of all kinds of ailments, many remedies have been said in the Ayurveda scriptures, in which spiritual divine medicine through yajna in astrology has been described as the best and every other treatments without the consideration of planets has been declared ineffective bcause human beings get happiness or sorrow only from being favorable and unfavorable to the planets, so first of all, the scriptures order their treatment. 

In the Bhaishajya episode of Tantra Kalpa, Maharishi Yajnavalkya says-
ग्रहेषु प्रतिकूलेषु नानुकूलं हि भेषजम्।
ते भेषजानि वीर्याणि हरन्ति बलवन्त्यपि॥
प्रतिकृत्य ग्रहानादौ पश्चात्कुर्याच्चिकित्सकम्॥

This translates to if the planets such as Sun are unfavourable then the medicine is not beneficial, because those unfavorable planets take away the powerful power of the medicines. Therefore, peace of the planets should be done first and then the treatment should be done.
According to the scriptures, there are three types of Karma. They are Prarabdha, Sanchita and Kriyamana.
According to the karmic destiny of sin, man suffers and is the bearer of disease and sorrow. And Astrology is an important science to know the reason behind this. In the resultant part of astrology, according to birth chart etc., destiny statements are made.

Ayurveda cannot function without a ‘bhishaka’ or a doctor. According to the Sanskrit grammar, the word ‘bhishaka’ has been made of 2 words- ‘bhesha’ meaning planet constellations and ‘ka’ meaning the one who does the work. Specific works related to the nature of planets is called Bhishak or Vaidya. Astrology and Ayurveda are completely different from each other. In the ancient times, the knower of both Medicine as well as Astronomic was a physician. Ayurveda scriptures, Charaka Sanhita, Sushruta Sanhita, etc also mentions that any doctor who treats with Ayurveda method must also have a good knowledge of astrology.

For healing it is necessary to know nature, because nature is the mother of all creatures and it is the basic element of medicine. Which medicine belongs to which constellation and in which constellation is its usefulness, which planet it treats, all these things can be known only through Astrology. The scriptures say, from birth to death, there is an effect of planetary constellations.
Therefore, the time of taking medicine and the position of the constellations of the planets are important.
Yoga- Ratnakara says-
औषधं मंगलं मंत्रो ह्यन्याश्च विविधा: क्रिया।
यस्यायुस्तस्य सिध्यन्ति न सिध्यन्ति गतायुषि।।

This translates to, medicines, rituals, mantras, yantras, etc. are proven for the patient who has still some life remaining but for the one whose has no life left, all their actions become meaningless.

Although after looking at the patient and the disease, many formulas have been given in the Ayurvedic texts for the knowledge of the practicability of the disease and imminent death etc., but the decision of the age of the patient is not possible without astrology. According to Ayurveda, the disorders of the human body and mind depend on these three factors, and in astrology, the twelfth zodiac, the nine planets and the seven constellations have special importance. In astrology, the analysis of the separate and interrelationships of the three factors of the birth cycle, Lagna, Sun and Moon, is important. Ascendant is the karaka of the physical body of a person, the sun the spiritual body and the moon the mind. When these three factors are opposite, diseases can arise in our body in the form of negative effects, while their positive effects suppress the diseases.

(The author has been doing research on Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish and Yagya for the last 40 years.)

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