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Astrology of Planet Venus 2022: Know how it influences interesting opportunities

My Jyotish Expert Updated 25 Apr 2022 08:05 AM IST
Venus Zodiac 2022
Venus Zodiac 2022 - Photo : Google
The influence of the planet Venus gives the quality of adventure and imagination in life.  Astrology believes that the planet Venus also contributes a lot in giving direction or spoiling the career of a person.  The influence of Venus is related to art, in a world full of dazzle, it is possible to welcome it only by Venus.  If Venus is positive for you, it can make you an artist of a high order.  Your Samak can be famous all over the world.  Is there any kind of effect of Venus in the horoscope, whether Venus is weak or weak, is retrograde with sinful effects, or is full of auspicious effects? By understanding all these things closely, the benefits of Venus can be understood, so let's try to know how the effect of Venus in the horoscope can help make one's career.

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Venus connects art and music
 Venus is considered to be a poet, musician, and poetic abilities. If Venus indicates cow, then one can trade cows, things made from milk, Venus is also the factor of vehicles.  It can give employment related to a vehicle, transport, railway, bus, air travel, and shipping.  Anyone can be a driver or a pilot.  Apart from this, Venus becomes the factor in all fine arts like painting, music, dance, etc.  The planet Venus is the factor of clothing, jewelry, perfume and flowers, and cooking.  It represents the cook, butler, maid-servant, sweet maker, confectioner, and male servants.  The sale of jaggery, food items, milk, curd, etc. is also affected by Venus.  Venus vehicle, all kinds of vehicles, bus, lorry, railway, aircraft, music, paint, petrol, color, singer, cinema, drama, silk, perfume, agriculture, silver, white things, diamond, women's diseases, pros, and cons  Represents Panchayat, Jury, Women's School, X-ray, Glass, Draftsman, etc.  There is an effect of Venus on diamonds, jinn, gems, jewelry, marriage, garland, girls, and sex education.  According to astrology, Jataka Parijat, Venus is associated with white things.

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Venus in the horoscope with other planets
 If Venus is in a suitable yoga combination in the horoscope, then it is very auspicious.  It produces musicians, when the feeling is auspicious, it is active in the realms of art and fashion.  The influence of other planets like Mercury etc. shows the playing of musical instruments.  Venus signifies all kinds of painters, singers, and artists.  In such a situation, the beneficial effect of Mercury and Venus is also necessary, because Mercury provides the necessary intellectual abilities.
Venus is a feminine planet, so it indicates earning through the union of women.  Professions like the film industry, cinema, acting, and direction are especially associated with Venus.  Venus is a water planet. Therefore, if it is associated with the Moon or water signs, the person's work may be associated with water and liquids such as selling sherbet, drinks, soda water, paint, navy, water supply, etc.  Venus associated with Moon inspires work on gold, precious stones, vehicles, women, deceit, curd, ghee, cow, and perfume.  Venus is the factor of clothing and in conjunction with the Moon can make clothes, embroidery, silk business, women's dress fashion designer.  If Venus is associated with the second and fifth house then the person can become a musician.  Venus is the factor of beauty and enjoyment.  Thus it can represent cosmetics, perfumes, fragrances, and businesses associated with them and it together with Mercury makes a successful businessman
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