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Astrology says never keep these things in purse, know what are these

My jyotish expert Updated 30 Oct 2021 11:31 PM IST
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Astrology has great importance in Hinduism, every event in your life is related to astrology somewhere. At the same time, Vastu Shastra tells you how to be happy and prosperous in your family and from whom it came. What we are going to tell you today is related to your purse. How do you keep it? And the things did live therein.

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If you are even a little careless about this, be careful because what you are going to tell next is probably a matter related to pocket money for you. So let's start to tell that people usually keep money in purses and wallets. But keeping money in them is also harmful and the reason for this is often ourselves.

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Instead of thinking of our purse as a place to keep money, we turn it into a dustbin. Whatever is necessary, non-document are stuffed in the purse. Not only this, some people also stuff such things in the purse, which they cannot even think about. Those who keep a purse should be very careful about the things kept in the purse, because keeping some things in the purse also leads to loss of money.

Astrology, Vastu Shastra has been told about the things that hold wealth. The place where money is kept should be protected from contamination. Do not keep this thing in the purse even by forgetting?

Don't forget to keep the key in the purse

According to Vastu Shastra, the key should never be kept in the purse. Keeping the key in the purse is considered very inauspicious. This increases the economic problems. Important relationships are also affected. The person is surrounded by negative thoughts. He always had a fear of the unknown

When to put the purse in the safe

The purse should never be kept by the head before sleeping. Due to this there is a danger of spending more than income. Always keep the purse in the safe with clean hands before sleeping. This pleases Lakshmi ji and there is no shortage of money.

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ATM, Hotel Bill and Cinema Ticket

According to Vastu Shastra, there is always a danger of a dispute with those who keep ATM receipts, hotel bills, cinema tickets, etc. in their purse. Therefore, these things should never be kept in the purse. All these things play an important role in escalating the controversy.

It has been told in astrology that a person should not keep many things except money in the purse. Many people keep a picture of God or a picture of a dead person in their purse, which is wrong. The picture of any deity or dead person should not be kept in the purse, if you have to keep it, then you can keep the yantra of the gods and goddesses, but do not keep the picture even after forgetting it.

Many people keep bills or any document in their purse for several days and do not even keep it clean. In such a situation, the torn old papers are kept in the purse for many days. Purse is considered to be the place of Goddess Lakshmi, so it must be cleaned. Also, do not keep any torn paper in your purse, if it is, then remove it immediately. Do not keep bills or old papers even by forgetting, by doing so the borrowing increases.

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According to astrology, sharp things like blades, knives etc. should never be kept in the purse. By doing this, the problems of money in life increase a lot and financial crisis may have to be faced. Sharp things always affect negativity, which leads to facing these things in life.At the same time, many people keep notes and coins together. This should not be done, it also leads to loss of money. Keep both notes and coins separately in the purse.


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