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Simple Steps to get Immense Wealth

Myjyotish Expert Updated 07 Apr 2021 07:21 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

 As much as Goddess Lakshmi becomes happy with your worship, she becomes more happy with the worship of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, people who wish to become millionaires quickly should anoint Lord Vishnu by filling water in a conch shell on the day of Friday. It soon brings good luck.

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On Friday, five yellow clams and some saffron in yellow cloth should be tied with a silver coin and kept in the locker. With this, the money starts coming in the house in a few days and the old debts also end.

A lamp of cow's ghee should be lit at Ishaan Kon (North-Eastern corner of the house, Athana worship place) of the house in the evening of Friday. Keep in mind that instead of cotton wick in the light there should be red coloured cotton thread and also put a little saffron in the lamp. Its effect also starts immediately.

On this day, the poor should donate white clothes or food items. If you can feed a handicapped beggar or cow then it will be most auspicious and will become rich soon.
On Friday, call 3 unmarried girls at home and feed them kheer and send them with Dakshina (money) and yellow clothes. The mother's grace is obtained very quickly by this.

On Friday, anoint the Shriyantra with cow's milk and sprinkle the anointed water all over the house. After this, keep the Shriyantra in your locker with lotus leaf. Soon money will start coming in the house.

Venus and astrology:

Although each of the nine planets has its own importance in astrology, each planet controls different components of our life, but out of the nine planets, the planet Venus has a very special importance in our life because Venus controls very specific components of our life. Venus is considered a benign and auspicious planet in astrology. Out of the twelve zodiac signs mentioned in astrology, Venus is dominated by Taurus and Libra. Venus is exalted in Pisces and Libra, is inferior in Virgo. Saturn, Mercury and Rahu are the friendly planets of Venus.

In astrology, Venus is considered to be a factor of wealth, property’s pleasure, house, wealth, material resources, opulence, luxury, Grandeur, economic progress and enjoyment, it is Venus that controls all the material resources and prosperity of our lives. Venus is considered to be the most important planet, people who have Venus in their horoscope are in good economic condition in life, property attains opulence and grandeur and if Venus is in weak and afflicted position in the horoscope, then economic development in life is not possible, problems related to happiness, resources and wealth arise in life and one would lead a financially struggling life, due to other auspicious yogs made in a horoscope, a person's financial condition can be good, but in life, happiness and grandeur is attained only by auspicious Venus, if Venus is afflicted in the horoscope, then the person can achieve normal economic condition only. One finds that there is no glory in life, and if Venus in the horoscope is in a very
afflicted state, then the RajYog in the horoscope also fails, so Rajyog in the horoscope also gives its full result only when Venus is also in auspicious position.

If Venus in the horoscope is in the higher zodiac (Taurus, Libra, Pisces) and in the auspicious places (centre, triangle, money, beneficial place) then in such, a person gets good financial status, wealth and opulence in life, there is the attainment of grandeur, if Venus is in the centre (1,4,7,10 house) in Taurus or Pisces zodiac sign, then Malvay Yog is created which gives the person a fruit like RajYog.

Venus is considered to be the highest in the twelfth house of the horoscope. The twelfth house is the controlling sign of enjoyment and Venus is the natural factor of enjoyment, therefore Venus in the twelfth house gives high prosperity to the person. In the horoscope of male natives, Venus represents the wife and marital life. In the horoscope of men whose Venus is in the twelfth house, then such people have their special fortune after marriage.

If Venus in the horoscope is in the lower zodiac (Virgo) with Ketu, it is afflicted by Mars, is afflicted by the Sun or is suffering from the eighth house, then a person has to face the financial struggle of the property and material resources. There is a shortage of life, there is no glory and grandeur and life cannot progress beyond a normal level.

If there are problems related to financial and property side due to Venus suffering in horoscope then the following measures will be beneficial -
  • On Friday, prepare a kheer and feed it to the white cow.
  • Read Srisukta daily.
  • It is also beneficial to wear opal gems after consulting a qualified astrologer.
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