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Vastu tips for students

Myjyotish Expert Updated 06 Apr 2021 08:01 PM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

This modern era is more of a digital world for children, there are so many distractions, from cell phones to gaming systems, TV, tablets, and the choices are endless. Children are getting attracted to these things and due to this, they are paying less attention to studies. Parents are struggling badly to get their kids to settle down and focus on their studies. Let us look at some simple and proven Vastu tips, which will help your children focus better.
  1. The Study room should be in the east, North, or North-East section of your home. This will increase the absorbing power and this direction makes you feel energetic so, whenever they will study try to choose study room in east, North or North-East direction.
  2. The study Room door should be in the east or north direction. at the time of the study, always ensure that there should not be any reflection of mirrors on the books This can increase the pressure of study on your kids.
  3. the shadow of the child is not falling on the books at the time of study so, Sunlight or natural light is a must while studying.
  4. For better concentration sit and learn in the East while studying.
  5. Try to avoid using things like sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves, etc. this may create problems in concentration.
  6. The study table should be of regular shapes like squares, rectangles. Try to avoid other shapes as that may lead to bad concentration and will instead build confusion.
  7. The study Table Should be facing East or North to ensure that the child is facing either of these directions while studying.
  8. Always make sure that the study table is not against the wall, is clean as well as neat & there should not be many books loaded over it.
  9. For more positive energy keep a Saraswati Yantra near your child’s study table or bed. 
  10. Make sure that the Bookshelves are not placed above the study table or at the sides.
  11. The study room should be bright & there should be enough lights. A bright room will enhance your child’s education. 
  12. For better concentration, students must use study lap as this will enhance their studies with better concentration.
  13. If there will be open space this will build new ideas & approaches in a child. 
  14. For better concentration, students must pray to Lord Ganesha.
  15. The South wall should be equipped with certificates or display trophies etc. Which were attained by your kid. 
  16. Never use black colour for the room always look for light colours like white, yellow Green, Orange, etc.
  17. Make sure that a toilet is not located above the study room or the study room should not be under any stairs. 

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