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Attributes of being a Taurus : Read for complete overview of personality traits & characteristics.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 May 2022 11:14 AM IST
Taurus - Photo : Google
Taurus is a star sign that is sometimes misunderstood. Taureans are sometimes stereotyped as laid-back, even indolent, and stubborn. Sure, they can come off as such at times, but their actions are guided by a more intelligent and analytical nature than they are given credit for.

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Taureans, those born between April 21 and May 21, think a lot about everything:
love, life, money, work, the weather, and last year's Love Island. They painstakingly analyze events, pulling them apart to learn how things function and what makes people tick. This takes time (thus their appearance of laziness), but when it's done, it means their judgments are detailed and reliable (hence why they seem stubborn because they know their mind).
Characteristics of a Taurus personality:-

The ability to persevere (read: possessed)
Inquire of a Taurus if you need anything done. They are capable of overcoming any task or problem because they have boundless stores of tenacity, patience, and persistence. They'll just keep coming back at it, like the tide on the beach. Until it becomes something serious, such as relationships, feuds, or hotdog-eating competitions, then it's time to move on.
Attractiveness (read: fussy)
This star sign enjoys the finer things in life, places a premium on comfort and pleasure over almost everything else, and adores luxury. Their physical appearance, residences, and material environment will all look, feel, smell, and taste fantastic! Keep this in mind for birthdays and holidays. Do not expect Aldi's beauty dupe to maintain sway. Nope. They only care about "the best."                                                                                                                                    
The ability to persevere (read: possessed)
Waiting patiently (read: immovable)
Taureans have a slower pace of life than most people (and are frequently late for appointments). What motivates this is a strong desire to think about and consider their every decision (as well as yours.) They enjoy analyzing everything. And it's this never-ending consideration that makes them so obstinate. They've already considered everything (believe me) and are well aware of and dedicated to their position.
Sensual (read: greedy)

 Taureans are highly physical beings that value the joys of the physical world (rather than imaginative capers or fantasy stories.) So, there's food, drink, relaxation, pampering, shopping, and sex. That's pretty much it. Taurus is defined by his activity-combination. They may also have problems locating them.  Cooled (read: zoned out)

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Taureans' partners will become accustomed to yelling "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" 
through locked doors/down stairwells/into their other half's face, out of pure exasperation and desperation. They won't listen to you unless you provide them with food, alcohol, sex, or money. They are pondering something. Or even just *chilling*, as the case may be. Taureans are happiest when they are doing nothing. It's just that I'm feeling a little empty. Allow them to exist. It indicates that you can do whatever you want and they won't bother you. Have fun with it!  

What do Taureans like to do?

Money. The secret to a great deal of bodily pleasure, and thus the key to their happiness in life (as well as quelling their deep-rooted Earth sign desire for security). Taureans are money aficionados who value, respect and manage their assets. They enjoy saving and investing.                                                                                                                                 
 Food:- Taureans don't live to eat; they eat to live. Food is really important to them, and they enjoy not only cooking and organizing dinner parties but also going out to eat whenever they can. Bloggers that were born to write about food!
Chilling:- They aren't even reliant on Netflix. Give them a robe, a soft blanket, and some peace, and they'll be able to sit on that sofa for HOURS.
Flirting:- I'm not sure why, but Taureans are usually hot stuff, and they attract fans like moths to a flame. They merely have to peek at a dating app to see invitations pop up. They know how to have a good time, which makes them excellent company - whether in love or friendship! They enjoy garnering admiring gazes. Finding a Scorpio lover is a hot tip for steamy sex for Taurus. Scorpio is just as serious about pleasure as Taurus is, and is just as determined to (*ahem*) get themselves off, which makes for a scorchingly hot marriage. An intense sexual connection.
Taurus, you're a fantastic friend and partner, and we understand if you don't listen to us. Let's go have some fun now that you've woken up!
Taurus attracts Taurus.
Sex:- You's a very seductive sign, with a strong sexual appetite and a strong desire for physical contact and intimacy. You're in touch with your sexuality and make it a priority in your life because you're ruled by Venus.

Isn't it true that relationships are formed on giving and receiving pleasure?
Yes, in your opinion. Your sensuality and pleasure concepts include eating as a crucial component. To you, good food and drink are more than just nourishment; it's an experience, an indulgence, a reward, and a break from your daily routine. The deliciousness is always a part of a good date.
It's time to unwind. Staying at home, curling up, and being all cuddly and safe somewhere safe is your perfect night (or day, to be honest). When you're alone with your object of affection, there's no pressure and no major "stuff" to do, you feel closest, most likely to open up, and more intimate and aroused. You're well-versed in a variety of pastimes...
Taurus repellents
Being occupied:- You'll feel exhausted and grumpy if you have a jam-packed plan or schedule and a large list of tasks to complete. Your finely tuned sensuality makes it difficult for you to do anything you aren't in the mood for. You don't keep going. You don't enjoy stepping outside of your comfort zone (who does?). IYHO, life should be lived on the spur of the moment, doing whatever feels nice at the time. You're outta there as soon as you smell a to-do list.

 The mere suggestion of a "healthy lifestyle" causes your eyes to close and your face to collapse. This is an astrological code for denial, misery, frugality, withdrawal, blandness, and gloom for Taureans. Friends or partners that enjoy dieting, counting calories, exercising every day, and adhering to rigid rules on their consumption simply do not understand you or your way of life. You can't stand the pressure or the scrutiny.
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