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Avoid eating these things in the month of Kartik

My Jyotish Expert Updated 27 Oct 2021 04:31 PM IST
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Avoid  eating these things in the month of kartik
The month of Kartik is of great importance in Sanatan Dharma.  This month is also called Dharma month and Parva month.  This month is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and many festivals take place one after the other in this month.  The month of Kartik is considered important not only religiously but also in terms of health.  This is the reason why it is forbidden to include some things in the diet in this month.  Actually, there is a lot of change in the weather from the month of Kartik and winter starts.  Due to the change of weather, you should try to escape from any kind of infection and disease, so you are advised to keep distance from some things.  So let us know which things should not be included in the diet in the month of Kartik.

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Things not to eat during kartik month—
One should avoid eating curd and buttermilk in the month of Kartik.  Eating curd in this month is considered restricted in the scriptures.  On its place, if you want, you can consume milk.
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You should also avoid eating fish in the month of Kartik.  Talking about religious beliefs, it is believed that Lord Vishnu lives in water in the form of a fish. And from the scientific point of view, at this time the water of rivers gets contaminated due to floods and rains.
Eating brinjal should be avoided in the month of Kartik, brinjal is considered religiously impure.  So, eating brinjal in this month also keeps the risk of diseases related to pitta dosha.
 Bitter gourd–
You should also not include bitter gourd in your diet in the month of Kartik.  Actually this month is considered to be the month of worship of Lord Vishnu.  In such a situation, spicy, and spicy food should be avoided.  Bitter gourd comes in the category of spicy food.
In the month of Kartik, there is a need to avoid pulses, especially gram and tur dal.  It is believed that by consuming them there is a risk of disturbances in the digestive system and stomach related problems.

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