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Balkand: Learn about the Journey of Lord Rama from Birth to Marriage

My Jyotish Expert Updated 19 Sep 2021 12:56 PM IST
Balkand: Lord rama
Balkand: Lord rama - Photo : Google
The events from the birth of Lord Rama to the marriage of Rama come in Balkand. Below is a list of events related to Balkand
first step-invocation
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श्लोक :
* वर्णानामर्थसंघानां रसानां छन्दसामपि।
मंगलानां च कर्त्तारौ वन्दे वाणीविनायकौ॥1॥
भावार्थ:-अक्षरों, अर्थ समूहों, रसों, छन्दों और मंगलों को करने वाली सरस्वतीजी और गणेशजी की मैं वंदना करता हूँ॥1॥
Meaning:- I worship Saraswatiji and Ganeshji, who performs letters, meaning groups, rasas, verses and Mangals.
भवानीशंकरौ वन्दे श्रद्धाविश्वासरूपिणौ।
याभ्यां विना न पश्यन्ति सिद्धाः स्वान्तःस्थमीश्वरम्॥2
Height: Good height can be achieved by strengthening your planet

Meaning:- I worship Shri Parvatiji and Shri Shankarji as the embodiment of faith and belief, without whom the Siddhas cannot see the God situated in their conscience.
यन्मायावशवर्ति विश्वमखिलं ब्रह्मादिदेवासुरा
यत्सत्त्वादमृषैव भाति सकलं रज्जौ यथाहेर्भ्रमः।
यत्पादप्लवमेकमेव हि भवाम्भोधेस्तितीर्षावतां
वन्देऽहं तमशेषकारणपरं रामाख्यमीशं हरिम्॥
Meaning:- Whose Maya is controlled by the whole world, Brahma Devas and Asuras, by whose power this whole visible world appears to be true like the illusion of a snake in a rope, and whose only feet are the only boat for those who wish to swim in the ocean of the universe. For all those reasons, I worship Lord Hari, who is called Rama (the reason and the best).
साधु चरित सुभ चरित कपासू। निरस बिसद गुनमय फल जासू॥
जो सहि दुख परछिद्र दुरावा। बंदनीय जेहिं जग जस पावा॥3॥
Meaning:- The character of saints is as auspicious as the character (life) of cotton, whose fruit is dull, vivid and virtuous. (The cotton thread is dull, there is no attachment in the saint's character, because of this it is also dull, the cotton is bright, the heart of the saint is also devoid of the darkness of ignorance and sin, so it is bright and the quality in cotton (filaments), in the same way the character of a saint is also a storehouse of virtues, therefore he is quality. Even after suffering the pain of being woven, it turns into a cloth and covers the secret places of others, similarly) the saint himself covers the holes (defects) of others by suffering, due to which he has attained venerable fame in the world.
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दोहा :
* बंदउँ संत समान चित हित अनहित नहिं कोइ।
अंजलि गत सुभ सुमन जिमि सम सुगंध कर दोइ॥3 (क)॥
Meaning:- I bow to the saints, who have equality in their mind, who have neither friend nor foe! Just as the beautiful flowers placed in Anjali (the hand that plucked the flowers and the one who kept them) scent both the hands equally (similarly the saint blesses both the enemy and the friend equally.)॥3
चौपाई :
* बहुरि बंदि खल गन सतिभाएँ। जे बिनु काज दाहिनेहु बाएँ॥
पर हित हानि लाभ जिन्ह केरें। उजरें हरष बिषाद बसेरें॥1॥
Meaning:- Now I sincerely bow down to the wicked, who, without any purpose, behave unfavorably even to those who do their own good. It is the loss of the interests of others, in whose eyes there is profit, who rejoices in the destruction of others and sadness in settling.
हरि हर जस राकेस राहु से। पर अकाज भट सहसबाहु से॥
जे पर दोष लखहिं सहसाखी। पर हित घृत जिन्ह के मन माखी॥2॥
Meaning: - One who is like Rahu to the moon of the full moon of Hari and Hara fame (that is, wherever the fame of Lord Vishnu or Shankar is described, he obstructs it) and like Sahasrabahu in doing evil to others are brave. Those who see the faults of others with a thousand eyes and whose mind is like a fly for the benefit of others (that is, just as a fly spoils it by falling in the ghee and dies itself, so also the wicked They also spoil the ready-made work by doing their own harm)॥2॥
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