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Beneficial Lal Kitab remedies to overcome problems in your Job

my jyotish expert Updated 28 Jun 2021 07:40 PM IST
lal kitab remedies
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Who does not wish for a good job, a life full of success, stability, happiness and prosperity? But even after working hard many times, success is never yours even after coming to you. You often fail to achieve the goal of getting a job. Not getting a job is a big problem in today's world. There are many easy panacea solutions for this problem in Lal Kitab. Which are helpful towards achieving your goals. You should worship Lord Shiva to get the job you want. Going to Lord Shiva's temple on every Monday and offering raw milk, whole rice can be beneficial. Even if you donate something to a poor person, profit is possible. Along with this, you can also speak your wishes in the ear of Nandi, the vehicle of Bholenath. Who would have conveyed your words to Lord Shiva very soon? It is said that by doing this the obstacles in the way of job are removed. Apart from this, you can do many other measures.

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Which will definitely be helpful like :-

1. Worship of Ganesha:- Along with Lord Shiva, you should first worship his son Shri Ganesha. You can do this work on any Chaturthi. Apart from this, put a picture of Lord Ganesh in your house in which his trunk is bent to the right. At the same time, worship the Vighnaharta from within. Place cloves and betel nuts in front of Ganapati. And whenever you go for a job, keep those cloves and betel nuts with you.

2. Worship of Lord Shani and KaalBhairav:- According to astrology, these are the two gods who give success in job and life. They are considered the master of employment, career and livelihood. To please ShaniDev, feed the crows.

3. Worship of Hanuman ji:- Worshiping Bajrangbali can prove to be helpful for getting a good job. Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly on every Saturday and Tuesday. Going barefoot to the Bajrangbali temple daily for about 40 days will be auspicious for achieving your goals. By offering vermilion to Hanuman ji, he will definitely get your wishes fulfilled.

4.Chant Mantra:- Chant the mantra 'Om NamahBhagwatiPadmavatiRiddhi-Siddhi Dayini' 108 times before going for the interview.

5. Eat curd sugar:- Always leave home after eating curd and sugar before job interview. By doing this, auspicious results are obtained. With this, whenever you go out of the house, first of all keep your right foot out of the door.

6. Feed grains to birds:- In the LalKitab, it has been advised to feed seven grains to birds. This remedy can remove all the woes of your career and job.

7. Offer water to the Sun:- Offering water to the Sun God is considered auspicious for success in career. Not only this, with this chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times for 11 consecutive days. But keep in mind that it has to start from Sunday.

8. Apply Tilak of Hanuman ji:- Worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and take red tilak from your right toe and apply tilak on your forehead for success in career.

9. Worship the planet:- The 10th house of the birth chart is of career, success and financial status. Worship whichever planet is sitting in the tenth or sixth house.

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