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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Green color relieves stress and depression in life, read on to know benefits of green color according to vastu

Green color relieves stress and depression in life, read on to know benefits of green color according to vastu

My jyotish expert Updated 20 Aug 2021 05:34 PM IST
Green color relieves stress and depression in life, read on to know benefits of green color according to vastu
Green color relieves stress and depression in life, read on to know benefits of green color according to vastu - Photo : google

According to Vastu Shastra, colors have their own importance in the life of every person. Many times scientists have also agreed that each color has a different effect on human life. But if we talk about green color, Vastu experts say that this color is considered a symbol of good luck, development and health. So according to the same Feng Shui Vastu Shastra, this color is considered capable of giving relief to a person from many of his diseases.

If religious beliefs are to be believed, green color is associated with Lord Ganesha. Therefore, it is also considered a symbol of intelligence and it has a very good effect on health. According to Feng Sui and Vastu, green color provides positive energy, and due to this, the mental stress of the person ie depression completely ends. Colors have special importance in our life. Green color is also considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity, development and health in life.

But do you know that green color has a different effect on your mind and intellect? Let's Know the effect of green color on human health according to Feng Shui and Vastu

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The green color that gives comfort to human eyes is considered a symbol of nature, just as nature gives us the message of life, in the same way our life is also deeply related to this color. It has been told in Feng Shui that green color is considered to be life-giving for sick people.

Green color not only gives positive energy in your life, but it also helps in removing stress and saving you from depression. It fills life with energy.

In Feng Shui, it has been told that green color is a symbol of wood element. Apart from home, if you can use it in the office as well, then it can be good and beneficial for you. You can use green color in the rest room or sleeping room in the house and also in the places of relaxation which will make your moments pleasant.

Working in a green environment enhances the creativity of a person. If you want, you can use them as color or texture on the walls of the house and can also be used as plants, by planting green plants in your house, you can also flow positive energy in your house.

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Green color helps you to heal sick people soon, it keeps blood pressure normal and gives mental peace. Due to which many diseases related to the brain are relieved. Not only this, putting a green clock in the house brings happiness in the house.

According to astrological beliefs, if you use clothes of this color, then there is an effect of energy inside you, if you do not feel like working, then if you use this color then you will feel the energy yourself. Apart from this, if you are under stress, then that too will gradually go away.

Apart from this, green color helps to eliminate the disease quickly. Due to this, the blood pressure of the person remains normal, mental peace is attained, due to which one can get quick relief from diseases related to the brain.

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To know more about the benefits of green color contact to our astrologers, click here

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