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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Bhadrakali Jayanti 2022:-Know this Jayanti can remove fear and worried from Your life

Bhadrakali Jayanti 2022:-Know this Jayanti can remove fear and worried from Your life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 May 2022 01:12 PM IST
goddess bhadrakali
goddess bhadrakali - Photo : Google
Bhadrakali Jayanti is observed on the Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Jyeshtha. On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Bhadrakali Jayanti will be observed. Good shape is referred to as 'Bhadra,' which means auspicious Kali. On the day of Bhadrakali Jayanti, it is believed that adorning the Goddess would safeguard the devotee from all difficulties. In certain parts of India, this day is known as Apara Ekadashi, while in Orissa, it is known as Jalkrida Ekadashi.

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Bhadrakali is the goddess's incarnation.
Goddess Bhadrakali, often known as the goddess of war, is one of Goddess Shakti's or Adi Para Shakti's most powerful incarnations. Goddess Bhadrakali is a symbol of strength and tenacity, and temples devoted to her may be found all across India. In different places of the world, it's known by various names. Durga, Shakti, Mahadevi, and Mahamaya are all goddesses who come in a variety of forms. Bhadrakali, Mahakali, Chamunda, and Kali are all revered in the form of idols. Goddess Bhadrakali's appearance consists of three eyes and four, sixteen, or eighteen hands. A sword, an arrow, a chakra, a conch shell, a bow, and a spear are some of Goddess Trishul's weapons.

Temple of Devi Bhadrakali
Bhadrakali temples may be found throughout India, from Nepal in the north to Kerala in the south, and Gujarat in the west to West Bengal in the east. Goddess Bhadrakali has several well-known temples in India's south, particularly in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Method of Bhadrakali Jayanti Puja
Goddess Bhadrakali is worshipped with utmost affection and commitment by Hindu worshippers. On this day, devotees rise early in the morning and dress in black after finishing the morning rites. On Bhadrakali Jayanti, it is considered auspicious to wear black or blue. Water, milk, sugar, honey, and ghee are used to bathe Bhadrakali Mata's idol. After then, the mother's idol is embellished with 'Panchamrit Abhishek.' On this day, offering coconut water to the Goddess is also considered auspicious. Then there's Chandan Puja and Bilva Puja.
The puja begins in the afternoon with the recitation of many goddess mantras to appease Goddess Bhadrakali and get her celestial blessings. Devotees also go to Goddess Kali's temples.
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