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Wednesday Fast Katha, Aarti, Worship Method and Significance

My Jyotish Expert Updated 08 Jun 2021 06:23 PM IST
Wednesday Lord Ganesh Vrat Katha
Wednesday Lord Ganesh Vrat Katha - Photo : Google

Wednesday Fast - Katha Story, Aarti on Wednesday

A person's intellectual development is enhanced by fasting on Wednesday. In addition, the Wednesday fast is observed in order to reap the benefits of the Mercury planet. In addition, this fast satisfies desires and provides money and happiness. It is necessary to hear the fast storey after completing the fast. Observing this fast will solve all of your issues, and you will be able to fulfil all of your life goals.

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Wednesday's first hour Fasting should begin on the first Wednesday of each month's Shukla Paksha. This fast is kept for 21 Wednesdays in a row. Observing this quickly increases wealth, wisdom, and business profit. After showering on the fasting day, green coloured clothing should be worn. Lord Bhud (mercury) should also be worshipped early in the morning. The Vishnu Sahastrnaam should be read after that.

Wednesday Fasting Method - Wednesday Fasting Procedure

The person who is fasting should get up before sunrise. He should then tidy the house. After that, he should do his daily tasks, such as bathing and so on. Later, he should pour Ganga Jal throughout the home to purify it. In the absence of Ganga Jal, any holy river's water might be utilised.
An idol of Lord Budh or Shankar, or a depiction in a pewter utensil, should be placed in a tranquil spot of Ishan Kon (North-East direction) of the house. Perform the Puja with incense, Bel leaves, Akshat, and a ghee light after installing the portrait or idol. The following mantra should next be recited, followed by the devotion of Budh Dev.

बुध त्वं बु.द्धिजनको बोधद: सर्वदा नृणाम्।
तत्वावबोधं कुरुषे सोमपुत्र नमो नम:॥

After fasting for the entire day, Lord Budh is worshipped once more in the evening, and Vrat Katha is sung. The Aarti should be performed after it. After sunset, incense sticks, deep, jaggery, Bhat (cooked rice), curd, and then Prasaad should be served to the Lord. Finally, the Prasadam is consumed.

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The Importance of Fasting on Wednesday

Observing the Wednesday fast promotes a person's wisdom. This fast is observed to generate profit in business as well. This drastically minimises the number of roadblocks in the corporate world. Apart from that, persons whose Kundali Mercury is unable to produce positive results should pay attention to this fast. This fast is excellent for those who have Mercury as the Lord of the inauspicious house in their Kundali.

Things to Remember on Wednesday's Fast Puja 

Budh Dev should be worshipped with green objects on this day after the Lord's Puja. After the fast is broken in the evening, the Brahmans should be given a meal and alms according to their capabilities. The individual who is fasting should only eat once. Vrat should never be left in the middle of a situation. Also, one should not interrupt Katha while listening to it. Fasting Prashad must also be consumed.

Worship Ganesh ji fast on Wednesday, so keep these things in mind

Lord Ganesha is worshiped and fasted on Wednesdays. Take special care of some things in the worship of this day so that the best results can be obtained and the troubles can be overcome.Many people worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and also keep a fast. It is believed that worshiping fast on this day removes the problems going on in the house and brings happiness and peace. Not only this, the financial crisis of the family is also removed. Therefore, it is necessary that the rituals of worship are followed carefully, so know some important things related to fasting on Wednesday.
  • After taking bath in the morning, install the idol of Ganesh ji in a copper vessel
  • Clean the pot thoroughly and keep your face in the east direction at the time of worship
  • Sit on a clean seat and worship Lord Ganesha with flowers, incense, lamp, camphor, sandalwood
  • Do not forget to offer Doob i.e. Durva in the worship of Ganapati, it is considered very auspicious.
  • After completing the worship, Ganesh ji was offered modak.
  • In the end, while meditating on the Lord, chant this mantra 108 times in your mind, Om Ganapataye Namah.
  • After fasting for the whole day, worship must be done in the evening also
  • It is also auspicious to recite Bhagwat Mahapuran on this day
  • Green color is very important in Wednesday's worship, donate fruits, flowers and clothes of this color on this day.
  • It is forbidden to eat salt on Wednesday fast. Eat food at the same time and eat curd, moong dal pudding or anything made from green stuff.

 Wednesday Fast Aarti English Text

Aarti Yugalkishor Ki Kijiye | Tan Man Dhan Nayochawar Kijiye ||
Gorshyam Mukh Nirkhan Lijiye | Hari Ka Rup Nayan Bhari Pijiye ||
Ravi Shashi Koti Badan Ki Shobha | Tahi Nirkhi Mero Mann Lobha ||
Odhe Neel Peet Pat Sari | Kunjbihari Girivardhari ||
Fulan Sej  Phul Ki Mala | Ratan Singhasan Baatai Nandlal ||
Kanchan Thar Kapoor Ki Baati | Hari Aae Nirmal Bhai Chati ||
Sri Purushotam Girivardhari | Aarti Kare Sakal Nar Nari ||
Nandnandan Brijbhan Kishori | Parmanand Sawami Avichal Jori |

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