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Burning camphor will remove all these problems

Prerna PrernaPrerna Prerna Updated 10 Oct 2021 01:14 PM IST
Burning camphor will remove all these problems
Burning camphor will remove all these problems - Photo : Google
Burning camphor will remove all these problems

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Camphor is mostly used during worship in Hinduism. Burning camphor not only has religious benefits but also has scientific and ayurvedic importance. By burning camphor daily, the surrounding bacteria present in the air are also destroyed, so that we do not come in contact with them. Camphor is also used many times to get rid of many health related problems. And even in Corona work, new uses of camphor have also been found. Negative energy can be removed by using camphor and at the same time positive energy can also be promoted. This removes negativity from your life and brings happiness, prosperity and happiness in your life. If there is any kind of financial crisis in your house or if there is any kind of tribulation, then by taking some very easy measures with camphor, you can get rid of all these problems and also make your life happy. Can try. So let's know what are the remedies of camphor.

Camphor in the kitchen:-
Every night, when everyone eats food, after cleaning the entire kitchen, put a pair of cloves with camphor in a small silver bowl and burn it, even if there is no silver bowl, then steel or brass bowl make use of. With this, prosperity remains in your house and money related problems also end. It is believed that if this work is done daily, then there is never any shortage of money and money keeps on gaining. And with this remedy one gets rid of debts soon.

Kapoor's remedy for love between husband and wife:-
If problems persist in your married life or there is a situation of estrangement with your life partner, then after cleaning the bedroom, you should burn camphor, this removes the negative energy present there and brings sweetness in the relationship. Apart from this, the woman should keep camphor under her husband's pillow at night and wake up in the morning and burn that camphor silently without any hindrance. It is believed that this removes all the problems arising between husband and wife and happiness remains in the married life.

Camphor dipped in ghee:-
Every morning and evening in your house, camphor should be burnt by dipping it in desi ghee. Its sunlight should be visible in every room, hall and courtyard of your entire house. Due to this, the negative energy of your house gets destroyed and the feeling of love remains among the family members. And there is an atmosphere of happiness and peace in your family. And this remedy is also considered helpful in getting children.

Kapoor before the gods:-
According to the scriptures, burning camphor daily in front of deities gives renewable virtue. And the gods and goddesses are always happy and with their grace brings happiness, peace and prosperity in your house. If there is any kind of Vastu defect in the house, then burning camphor also gives freedom from its effects. And home peace prevails.

And at this time the mantra to be spoken while burning camphor:-
Karpoorgaurm Karunavataram Sansarasaram Bhujgendraharam. Sada Basant Hrudayarbinde Bhab Bhavani Sahitam Namami.
Repeat the same mantra while doing incense of camphor and ghee!
If you recite Ramayana or Gita daily at home, then even after completing the lesson, take camphor in a lamp and light it!

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