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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   By giving life to the deer, the hunter inadvertently worshiped and got salvation, read the legend

By giving life to the deer, the hunter inadvertently worshiped and got salvation, read the legend

My jyotish expert Updated 21 Jul 2021 12:44 PM IST
Monthly Shivratri
Monthly Shivratri - Photo : Google
Monthly Shivratri is an important festival for Shiva devotees. Shiva worship done unknowingly on this day gives merit. Legend has it that on the day of Shivaratri, the hunter inadvertently got the virtue of dropping Bel leaves on the Shivling.

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Masik Shivratri: Do you know that Shivratri comes every month? Yes, read it right. Mahashivratri is celebrated once a year and monthly Shivratri is celebrated on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of every month. In this way, there are 11 monthly Shivratri in the whole year.

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There is an interesting story related to it. It is said that in ancient times there was a hunter named Chitrabhanu. One who made a living by hunting. One day, due to circumstances, he did not get anything to eat for the whole day. But as a result of unknowingly worshiping Shiva, fasting, and awakening on the monthly Shivratri, he attained salvation.
According to mythology, Chitrabhanu was indebted to a moneylender. On Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi, the moneylender took Chitrabhanu hostage for not repaying the loan and locked him in Shivmath. He got neither food nor water. He just kept listening to the devotion of Shiva in the pagoda. On the assurance of getting the money in the evening, the moneylender left Chitrabhanu. He reached the forest in the ambush of hunting, where he sat on a vine tree to protect it from wild creatures. While tying the scaffold, he broke the branches of that tree and dropped it. There was a Shivling under the tree, inadvertently he offered the leaves of that tree on the Shivling.
Here a pregnant deer came as the first victim. She taunted the arrow and the deer said that after the birth of my child, she will hunt me. The hunter mercifully left him. In this way, the hunter pardoned four victims. From time to time, because of his shaking, the bell leaves kept falling on the Shivling. The next day was due to the ambush of the victim, thus unknowingly his fast was fulfilled and as a result, he attained salvation.


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