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5 affective Camphor remedies to overcome scarcity of Money and Wealth

my jyotish expert Updated 15 Jul 2021 11:30 AM IST
5 affective Camphor remedies to overcome scarcity of Money and Wealth
5 affective Camphor remedies to overcome scarcity of Money and Wealth - Photo : google
In religious scriptures, camphor is considered a holy thing, that is why it is equally important to burn camphor after worshiping as much as it is important to do aarti. Any religious work is considered incomplete without camphor. According to the scriptures, burning camphor in front of gods and goddesses gives merit. This is the reason that whenever you worship in the house in the morning and evening, camphor must be burnt during that time.

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Not only from the religious point of view, camphor is also very beneficial in terms of health and helps in removing Vastu defects as well as increasing the flow of positive energy in the house. There are also some miraculous remedies related to the use of camphor, which if done properly, not only removes the lack of money, but also brings prosperity and happiness in the house. In such a situation, how can these easy remedies of camphor make you rich?
Remedy of camphor to get money.

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If you are facing a shortage of money then this remedy will definitely benefit you. For this, burn camphor and cloves together at night in a silver bowl (if there is no silver bowl, you can take any other bowl). If you do these remedies related to camphor everyday, then there will never be a shortage of money in your life.
In the evening, put a piece of camphor in a rose flower and burn it and after the camphor is burnt, offer this flower to Goddess Durga. By doing this, you will get money and money stuck or stuck somewhere. Along with this, there can also be a sudden receipt of money.
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 Every morning and evening, burn camphor soaked in ghee and rotate the burning camphor throughout the house so that its fragrance spreads everywhere. By doing this, negative energy is removed and positive energy comes into the house, happiness and peace remain.
If your luck is not supporting you, problems have surrounded you and due to all this, money is also being lost, then you should take a bath by adding a few drops of camphor oil to the bath water daily. Doing this removes bad luck and increases luck.
By using camphor, you can get wealth as well as intelligence. For this, after bathing on Wednesday, wear green clothes and donate ghee and bronze along with camphor and sugar candy. Apart from this, take 12 grains of sago and burn it with the help of camphor. By doing this, luck shines and money benefits are obtained

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