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Why do we celebrate Vishwakarma puja on 17 September every year

My jyotish expert Updated 17 Sep 2021 02:00 PM IST
Vishwakarma Puja
Vishwakarma Puja - Photo : Google
Lord Vishwakarma is called the architect of Gods, and his birth anniversary is celebrated every year on 17 September. Lord Vishwa Karma is additionally known as the world's first engineer. It is believed that along with the buildings for the Gods, he also made the Gods' weapons. It is thought in the Hindu religion that Lord Vishwakarma influences all kinds of tools and iron items that is why people worship their machinery on this day. A vast question arises about Vishwakarma Puja: Why does Vishwakarma Puja's date never changes like other festivals?

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People in business attach great importance to this day and do not start their work without worship. Married people worship with their wives. Some scholars say that Lord Vishwakarma was born on the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month, while on the other hand, people say that he was born on the last date of Bhadrapada month. At the same time, there was a belief apart from the date of birth in which Vishwakarma worship was decided according to the sun's transit. This day later came to be known as the day of Surya Sankranti. It falls almost every year on 17th September, so worship starts on this day.

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Lord Vishwakarma is considered the god of creation. According to Hindu beliefs, during the mythological period, the weapons and palaces of the gods were built by Lord Vishwakarma. He also made Lanka of gold, Pushpak Vimana, Vraj of Indra, Trishul of Lord Shiva, Indraprastha city of Pandavas, Dwarka city of Lord Krishna. Because of this, people associated with creation and creation worship Vishwakarma Jayanti with reverence.

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Based on the beliefs of the Puranas, Lord Vishwakarma had wives whose names were Rati, Prapti, and Nandi. Based on beliefs, Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Shankar's Trishul, and Yamraj's Kaldand were created by Lord Vishwakarma.

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