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Chanakya niti: Read everything mentioned in the chanakya niti for a cheerful life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Nov 2021 12:11 PM IST
Chanakya Niti - Effective Chanakya's remedies to defeat your enemies
Chanakya Niti - Effective Chanakya's remedies to defeat your enemies - Photo : Google
Acharya Chanakya has told about his thoughts in this book called ChanakyaGranth. In this book called Granth, Acharya Chanakya has told about many things related to practical life ..The most important thing in this book, Chanakya's policy has gone somewhere about the angel and the enemy.

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Whenever we hear or read the words of Acharya Chanak, it seems to be very harsh, but whatever Acharya Chanakya has said in his texts, all the same things tell the reality of our present and fulfill his criteria. standing like.When we look at our present, we find the things said by Acharya Chanakya to be absolutely correct, in everything said by Chanakya, a very deep secret of our present life is hidden. Chanakya has told some such things in his texts, understanding that every person can discriminate between right and wrong, he has told a lot about religion, society and politics in his texts.

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If every person keeps in mind the things said by Acharya Chanakya in his life, then he can face all the challenges coming in his life. Chanakya was a scholar of politics and economics. If any person understands and keeps in mind the words of Acharya Chanakya, then he can easily avoid all the difficulties in his life. For your information, let us tell you that Acharya Chanakya has mentioned many things about human society in his Chanakya policy, so let's go and know about those policies of Chanakya.

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  1. Acharya Chanakya has said in his texts that the fame of a man's family increases by the conduct of him and his family, his speech increases the fame of his family and his country, Just like eating food increases the strength of the body, in the same way living and talking with love increases his respect in the whole society. Therefore man should remember these things in his life..
  2. Acharya Chanakya has said in his texts that the virtue that comes from charity and penance is always immediate, but if your donation goes to a deserving person or if you donate it to a deserving person, then it benefits not only him but also others. And got that donation.Virtue is always with you, so whenever you donate, donate to a deserving person.
  3. Acharya Chanakya used to say that a person who is blind from birth, he cannot see in his whole life due to compulsion, but there are many such persons in this world who are subject to lust and egoism, and such a person spends his whole life without money. There are those who run after.Such a person himself makes himself blind throughout his life.Such people do not see sin in any work and deeds in their whole life. So protect yourself from all these things in your whole life.
  4. If you give a gift to any greedy person, then that greedy person can be satisfied very easily by giving a gift. Any harsh and arrogant person can be satisfied with folded hands, any foolish person can be satisfied by giving respect and any one learned can be satisfied by telling the truth.
  5. Acharya believed that the beauty of a person's hands does not increase only by jewelry, the real beauty of his hands increases by donating. Purity on the body and mind of any person does not come by applying sandalwood paste, it comes by bathing in water. No one is satisfied by feeding food to someone in his life, but by giving him respect. A person does not get salvation from a movie by decorating himself, it comes from awakening spiritual knowledge.
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