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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Chandra Grahan 2021: The first lunar eclipse of the year, know the timings and its impacts.

Chandra Grahan 2021: The first lunar eclipse of the year, know the timings and its impacts.

MyJyotish Expert Updated 01 May 2021 12:30 PM IST
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse - Photo : Google

The first lunar eclipse of the year (Chandra Grahan 2021) is going to take place in the month of May. This lunar eclipse will take place on 26 May. The special thing is that it is on the same day as Vaisakh Purnima . 

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Let's know what this lunar eclipse will be like and what time it will take. Also, know where this eclipse will be seen and what will be its effect in India.
Time of lunar eclipse- Lunar eclipse on May 26 will start at 2.17 pm in the afternoon and will end at 7.19 pm in the evening. This eclipse will have the highest impact on the zodiac sign Scorpio and Anuradha nakshatra.

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How will the lunar eclipse be-
The first lunar eclipse of the year will be a shadow eclipse. Due to being a shadow, the religious effects of this eclipse will not be accepted.

Where will the lunar eclipse appear-
The lunar eclipse on May 26 will be fully visible in the US, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia and some areas of the Pacific Ocean, while in India it will look like a shadow.

Time of sutak period-
This lunar eclipse is a shadow lunar eclipse. There is no prohibition of any kind of religious work in the shadow eclipse. Therefore, this day will not be considered as Sutak period. Even during the eclipse period, the doors of the temple will not be closed. There will be no restriction on any auspicious activities on this day.

What Happens in lunar eclipse-
Before the start of lunar eclipse, the Moon enters the shadow of the Earth. When the moon comes out without entering the actual shadow of the earth, it is called a shadow eclipse. A full lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon enters the Earth's actual shadow. The shadow eclipse is not considered an actual lunar eclipse.

Total number of lunar eclipses this year-
This year there will be a total of 2 lunar eclipses. The first lunar eclipse of the year is going to happen on 26 May while the second and the last lunar eclipse of the year is going to happen on 19 November 2021. The lunar eclipse on November 19 will be a partial eclipse.

During lunar eclipse, new work is forbidden. In addition, it is advisable to stay indoors during the eclipse. However, the eclipse of May 26 is Chandra Grahan, so there will be no restriction on any kind of work that is to be done.

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