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Closed doors of Luck will open, try out these Astro-related remedies

My Jyotish expert Updated 08 Aug 2021 08:29 AM IST
Lucky 4 leaf
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Closed doors of luck will open, try these measures once 
Mangalvar ke Totke: The fast that is performed on Tuesday is dedicated to Hanumanji. This day is also called the day of Lord Hanuman. The fast performed on this day provides a thousand times the fruit.
Mangalvar ke Totke: A variety of measures are also taken on Tuesdays. These measures are more than one. People have been using them for years. These are described in the red book.

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– Feed bread to the red cow in the morning and offer coconut at hanuman temple.
– Offer red clothes, red fruits, red flowers and red sweets to Shri Ganesha. The wish will be fulfilled.
– Offer a flag at a devi temple and pray for economic prosperity. Do this for five consecutive Tuesdays. The shortage of money will be removed.
- Place five red flowers in a clay container with wheat and cover it in the eastern corner of the roof of the house. Don't touch it all week. Spread all the wheat on the roof next Tuesday. Place the flower in the temple of the house.
- The use and donation of these items on Tuesday is of special importance - copper, saffron, musk, wheat, red sandalwood, red rose, vermilion, honey, red flower, lentils, red canner flower, red chilli, red stone, red coral.
- Enjoy jaggery to Hanuman ji. After consuming, feed this jaggery to the cow later.
- Light a lamp in front of Hanumanji. This lamp should contain jasmine oil.
- Offer a red handkerchief to Hanuman ji. Always carry this handkerchief with you like prasad. Don't use it, just keep it with you.
– Distribute red sweets to poor children on Tuesdays. Give tea to a poor person, give him food.

Your luck will shine in one night, take these small measures

There are many people in the world whose luck does not support them. Even after a lot of effort, they do not have success in their hands, but on the one hand, there are people who get great success with very little effort. It is the fate of the person which gives him success. If your luck does not support you in some work, understand that the doors of your destiny are closed. Astrology provides solutions that can awaken your sleeping fortunes. By taking this measure, you can change your destiny. Let's explain about those measures-
Just as a key is required to open any lock, the door to your closed destiny will also open a key. You must have been surprised to know how luck can open the door to the key, so let's explain what you have to do for it. You first have to buy a steel lock on Friday to open the door to your closed luck. You have to bring this lock home in the same box in which it was kept. Put this lock in the room where you sleep on Friday night. When taking the lock, keep in mind that the lock is switched off. Then get up early the next day, Saturday morning, take a bath and go to a temple around the house and worship this lock, and bring the lock back home. Bring home and keep the lock in a place where the movement of the family members is constant. Don't tell anyone about your experiment and wait for the day when someone opens your lock without saying anything. The day someone opens this lock without saying anything, your luck will open.
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