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Corona Havoc : When will the third wave come

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 Aug 2021 05:19 PM IST
COVID-19 Third Wave
COVID-19 Third Wave - Photo : Google
Scientists around the world have given warnings for the third wave of corona. This wave has come in some countries, but it is also being claimed that the fourth wave is going on in some countries of Europe. It concerns all those big countries, which have a large population. Countries like India, China, America are more worried. Rather, all those countries whose population is more than 14-15 crores are worried. In southern India, the maximum corona spread is going on in Kerala, which is being described as a new variant and even the Prime Minister of India has expressed concern that if the outbreak of the third wave in India increases, it will only increase due to Kerala.

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From the point of view of astrology, the biggest loss to the living world occurred when Jupiter, also known as Jiva, entered its debilitated sign Capricorn. Although the outbreak of Jupiter started while living in Sagittarius, but as soon as Jupiter entered Capricorn i.e. on 20 November 2020, due to the second wave, the outbreak of Corona increased very much and there was a lot of death. The effect of the second wave was also seen among the youth and cases of children were also reported. From this a natural conclusion can be drawn that when Jupiter is in such a sign which is considered weakest for him, i.e. Capricorn which is his debilitated sign, the corona has increased in it. Even then, Shani Dev is already in Capricorn, which although is a good sign for him, but due to Jupiter, this zodiac became the medium of corona's wrath.
Ever since Jupiter has entered Capricorn, it is moving at a very irregular pace. He moved at a very fast pace and entered Aquarius on 6th April 2021 and later Saturn retrograded first and then Jupiter retrograde on 20th June 2021. Vakri means reverse movement and that too in such a way that it will come in Capricorn on 14th September 2021. Will Jupiter in his previous zodiac sign Capricorn cause the same orgy that he created during the second wave of Corona? This is a matter of great concern.
Scientists predict that the third wave will definitely come in the second half of October. Astrology also predicts that after 14th September, the outbreak of the third wave will increase and it will remain till Jupiter will remain in Capricorn sign i.e. 20th November 2021, after which Jupiter will go back to Aquarius and only after a few days to the public. will provide relief. Another astrological calculation is that both these planets are retrograde for a long time and after 13th September they will be retrograde in Capricorn till 10th October. When these two planets are retrograde together, then there is a big disturbance.
Bitter gourd and Neemchadha, Mercury will also be retrograde from September 27 to October 18, which will act as a catalyst for these two planets. We are showing this planetary position in India's birth chart for 11th October. It is worth considering that the influence sign of India is Capricorn and all the effects of change in the motion of the planets are coming on Capricorn. Not only America, but India is also very much disturbed by the Taliban incident. India also needs to worry because the background of these events i.e. the withdrawal of American forces took place only in the Mahadasha of India's Moon and Antardasha of Saturn. However, after July 10, India's Shani Antardasha has ended.
Shani is currently traveling in the Bhagya Bhava of India's birth chart, which is his own zodiac sign. Not only this but they are also seeing the enemy sentiment of India. Whatever the government keeps saying,
the sight of Saturn retrograde on the sixth house of India i.e. on the enemy house is astrological proof that India will take some decisive step against the enemies in the year 2021 only. Since the same sentiment is also the food of disease, it also indicates that even after showing the effect of the third wave of corona, it will be quenched and India will emerge as the winner. Perhaps the reason for this may also be that the pace of vaccination will accelerate and by Diwali, a large population will have been vaccinated.
The astrological assessment is that if the third wave comes, it will gradually gain momentum after Jupiter enters Capricorn on September 14. But India's defensive preparedness is no less and Corona will probably be controlled. Yet there is a slight conflict between the claims of the government and the astrological assessment. Brihaspati is Jupiter and he is not controlled by any government and if there is any truth in these assumptions that all this is inspired by China then it becomes necessary for the Indian government to pay attention to this aspect as well.
As far as the retrograde of Mercury in the month of October is concerned, Mercury is the representative planet of doctors, hence the achievement of medicine, new research and skill of doctors will also be seen.
 The planet Mercury is the only Baniya planet, so in order to improve the economic condition of the country, to control inflation, the government will take special measures and it will be successful. By that time the figures of crop production will also come out and the crop production will remain in sufficient quantity even after regular rains.
Since Jupiter will be in Capricorn for a very short period, it is expected that the next wave of corona will be for a very short duration and will be controlled soon. It seems that the current vaccine will also prove effective on the new variant to come.

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