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Curious to know the actual benefits of Bajrang Baan? read the details

My Jyotish Expert Updated 05 Oct 2021 08:29 PM IST
Bajrang Baan
Bajrang Baan - Photo : Google
Hanuman Ji is the most popular, effective and quick giver of fruits in Kaliyuga. It is very important to follow the rules, restraint in worshipping Hanuman Ji. Hanuman punishes if there is an error in the rules, restraint, so do not do any kind of misbehaviour in worshipping Hanuman Ji. Many forms of Hanuman Ji defeats the crisis. One of them is the thunderbolt form. Hanuman Ji in the form of a thunderbolt is called Bajrangbali. To please Bajrangbali, recite Bajrang Baan.

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Let us know what are the benefits of reciting Bajrang Baan?

 Worship Method- Choose a day of Mars or Saturday for the accomplishment of your favoured work. A picture or idol of Hanuman Ji should be in front while chanting. Use mismanagement to sit. It is necessary to have a clean place and a peaceful environment for performing the rituals. If it is not accessible at home, then you can recite it in any temple. Deepdan has a special significance in the rituals of Hanuman Ji.
Wheat, rice, moong, urad and black sesame
Before the ritual, soak the five grains (wheat, rice, moong, urad and black sesame) in pure Ganges water by taking a handful each. On the day of the ritual, grind these grains and make their lamp. For the lamp, take a thread of Kalava equal to its length and fold it five times.
Hanuman Ji's favourite dhuni of google
Make light of this type of thread and put it in fragrant oil and use it. This lamp should be kept burning during the entire worship period. Guggul's dhuni is most dear to Hanuman Ji. At the beginning of the chanting, a resolution must be taken that after the fulfilment of our wishes, we will continue to do something for the sake of Hanuman Ji. Now chant Bajrang Baan by concentrating on the image of Hanuman Ji with pure pronunciation.
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Benefits of reciting Bajrang Baan

  • If you are very troubled by enemies and opponents, then recite Bajrang Baan 11 times every Tuesday. 
  • Regular recitation of Bajrang Baan increases self-confidence and courage.
  • Heart patients and blood pressure patients get special benefits in health by reciting Bajrang Baan.
  • Children who are weak or go out of fear before doing any work, they should get Bajrang Baan recited. 
  • If there are obstacles in every work, then reciting Bajrang Baan 21 times on Saturday is beneficial.
  • If you are going to give an interview somewhere, then go and recite Bajrang Baan 5 times and you will get success. 
  • If there is a continuous loss in your business, then recite Bajrang Baan for 8 consecutive Tuesdays at your business place or get it done by a qualified ritualistic pundit. You will get the benefit.

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