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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Diwali Tips : Keep in mind these important things while lighting Deepak and putting toran on your door , to impress Laxmi ji

Diwali Tips : Keep in mind these important things while lighting Deepak and putting toran on your door , to impress Laxmi ji

myjotishexpert Updated 03 Nov 2021 04:52 PM IST
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Diwali 2021: Keep in mind these important things while applying Deepak and Torana, mother Lakshmi will bless you in life


Deepawali is specially worshipped by Mother Lakshmi and Ganesha. It is said that Mother Lakshmi comes home on Diwali, which is why people are already gearing up for this festival several days in advance. For this reason, cleanliness, dyeing, etc. are given importance in the house. It is said that Mother Lakshmi resides in a house where there are things like cleanliness and decoration.


Deepawali has a special significance in Hinduism. This festival is celebrated in every corner of the country. Let me tell you that Torana and Diya are considered to be the symbols of auspiciousness in the decoration of Deepawali, they have their special significance. According to Vastu rules, Torana is a form of auspiciousness in the house, which knocks happiness, success, and prosperity in our lives.


Tie such a bond-wise


The Torana that binds at the main gate is also known as bandhanwar by many. It is said that Bandhanwar is planted to welcome Mother Lakshmi. That is why it is considered auspicious to tie it at the door to please Lakshmiji.

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How to put the Torana at the door

Pay special attention to its colors etc. whenever you buy Torana from the market. If the main door of your house is in the east, you should apply a Torana of green flowers and leaves, which brings happiness in life. A Torana of blue or sky-colored flowers should be installed for the main gate of the north.


If there is an entrance to the house in the south direction, there should be a Torana of red, orange, or similar colors. While the Torana benefits of yellow flowers at the entrance of the west direction are auspicious. On the other hand, you can only apply a Torana of mango leaves if you want, it is very auspicious and beneficial. One thing to remember is that fresh flowers or leaf bonds should be removed whenever they dry up. Dry or wilted bondage produces negative energy and causes physical discomfort in life.

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Positive Energy Gives Lamp

Lighting a cow ghee lamp in Deepawali puja infuses positive energy, it brings happiness and prosperity to the house. Whereas according to Vastu rules, Akhand Deepak is also there if you light a lamp in the puja house, then there is happiness in life and the grace of Mother Lakshmi.


Lighting a lamp in the north direction to worship Lakshmiji on Deepawali gives you wealth and grain. Lighting a lamp destroys negative energy and brings happiness and prosperity to the house with positive energy.


If you light a clay lamp in worship, it should not be broken. A broken lamp is considered inauspicious in the house. Lighting a cow ghee lamp purifies the surrounding environment by de-germinating.


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