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Do these measures with water to change your misfortune into fortune

My jyotish expert Updated 07 Oct 2021 09:38 AM IST
measures with water
measures with water - Photo : Google
Everybody wants to get achievement, money and bliss throughout everyday life. However, ordinarily, not withstanding difficult work, we don't get the outcomes which we merit. In some cases this happens in view of not giving it with karma. Know here the cures that can transform your setback into best of luck.
Keep a bottle or glass filled with water near your head every day at bedtime. Throw this water after waking up in the morning. This removes all the troubles of your life and the problem of bad dreams goes away.
While taking bath daily, mix a pinch of turmeric, gangajal, salt, honey or jaggery in the water. In no time, all the changes will start coming in your life. Prestige and prestige will increase in the society and you will become very confident.
Make a habit of offering water to the Sun God after bathing daily. Offer red vermilion and flowers to the water. In Kaliyuga, Suryadev is considered to be a direct deity. Offering water daily also awakens your sleeping fortune. The person progresses a lot and remains healthy.
Give water to animals and birds daily. Due to this, the deities are very pleased and all the defects of the horoscope are removed. Due to this, the troubles of life are removed and health remains good. For this, make separate utensils for animals and birds. Keep these utensils filled with water according to the rule. Apart from this, if possible, feed them also.

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