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Do you see Lord Shiva in your dreams? Know its affects on your life, read on to find

my jyotish expert Updated 12 Aug 2021 09:21 PM IST
Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva - Photo : google
Experts say that we all have desires while sleeping, but not everyone knows what these desires mean. Very few people know that these desires have many meanings, which give us clues about the time to come regularly. The world of dreams can be very mysterious. We see a lot of problems and people want to. Even some are connected to our real life, while there are others that have never been seen in real life. Every dream has an auspicious or ominous effect on that particular person, but we get to know from the Dream Scriptures which dream is auspicious and which is not. 

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Find out what it means to have shivlinga in a dream... 
In such a series of wishes, we will tell you about the dreams of the deities and what their belongings are. 
Shivaji's appearance in a dream brings a special message. When you see Lord Shiva or something related to him in your sleep, it means many things. Let's go into detail about them.   Coming to Shivlinga in a dream is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva. Whether it is the month of
Shravan or every other Monday and day, Shivlinga Pujan is a great means of pleasing Lord Shiva i.e. Bholenath, so Shivlinga is considered to be the most important factor after him in respect of Shiva. 
On the other hand, when it comes to seeing Shivlinga in desires, it is considered very auspicious to see Shivalinga in desires according to the Dream Scriptures. Such a dream is going to destroy all the evil components of life. 
Moreover, if you have been facing difficulties for a long time and dream of shivlinga, then understand that the auspicious time is about to begin. The appearance of Shivlinga in a dream especially indicates economic recovery. Money will be received from somewhere or money that has been held up for a long time may be available. 

- Dream Scriptures, if shivlinga appears in a dream, go to shiva temple and do not forget to offer milk on shivlinga there, which pleases Lord Shiva. When it comes to the nature of Shiva, the moon appears to be in his jata. This moon is considered to be the logo of data. So when you see shiva's moon in a dream it connects you with the tasks related to statistics.  You may have to take a big decision soon. This resolution may be related to marriage, training, etc. If you are preparing for an exam and dreaming like this, understand that it is a sign of success. 

- Shiva and Parvati are considered position fashion in marriage. Hindu scriptures have measures to please Shiva and Parvati ji to completely satisfy marriage relations. So does the dream of Shiva and Parvati also bow towards marriage? 
According to the Dream Scriptures, seeing Shiva and Parvati in a dream means that new options are knocking on your door. Soon you will hear about revenue, cash, etc. Moreover, if a virgin girl wants such a dream, it turns into a sign of early marriage. 
Not only that, if there have been long-standing differences between husband and wife and the dream of both of them is that of Shiva and Parvati, it means that everything will be good soon. 

Ardhanarishwara Murti: 
If a statue or statue of Lord Shiva and Parvati appears with Ardhanarishwara in a dream, imagine that you are going to get new options soon. You may get some good news related to money quickly.  That is why shiva's is not considered auspicious because it is like him. In that case, they are very angry. But when you see Lord Shiva dancing the tandava in a dream, it tells you that your problems will be
solved soon. 

-: If you see the Shiva temple in a dream or go to the Shiva temple yourself, it is usually an auspicious sign. If you have been suffering from a disease for a long time or you may be suffering from another problem, such a dream indicates that everything is going well. 
The trident of Lord Shiva is considered to be a special weapon. On the basis of the scriptures, Trishul is considered to be a symbol of energy. It can be a good sign if you see Shiva Trishul in a dream. In respect of which it is believed that it destroys every calamity, the er of life and empowers you to fight issues. 

Apart from Trishul, if shivaji's damru appears in the dream and only damru's voice comes, it is a good sign. This means you may get some good news quickly.  On the other hand, Shivaji's third eye tells about vigilance and consciousness. The vision of Shiva's third eye in a dream points to some necessary adjustments in life. 
Apart from this, Shivaji and the snake also have a special relationship. In such a situation, the appearance of a snake in a dream or seeing it crawling with Shiva is considered to be both auspicious indicators. This dream signals economic gains.
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