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Donate according to astrology and gain blessings

Myjyotish Expert Updated 16 Apr 2021 10:09 AM IST
Astrology - Photo : Myjyotish

According to astrology, the planet which have a high level of power(Planet of high zodiac) or the planet that is located in your own zodiac in the horoscope, the things or items related to them should never be donated as such donations always harm us.

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Planet Sun-
The Sun is in high level of intensity when it is in Aries and in its own zodiac sign. If the sun is in any of these two zodiac signs, then one should not donate red or pink coloured liquids. Apart from this, they should not donate jaggery, wheat flour, wheat, copper etc. In such a situation of the sun, such a person should consume more sweet by reducing salt.

Planet Lunar-
Moon is in high level of intensity in Taurus and its own sign Cancer. If a lunar planet is in such a state in the horoscope of a person, he should not donate milk, rice in food items and silver and pearls in jewellery. It can be harmful for such a person to abuse the mother or any woman older than himself. Such a person becomes a victim of mental stress when insulting a woman.

Planet Mars-
If Mars is in Scorpio or Capricorn, then it is said to be at an upper level in zodiacs. If Mars is in such a position in your horoscope, do not donate lentils, sweets or any other sweet food items.

 Planet Mercury-
If Mercury is in its own zodiac sign and in zodiac virgo, it is said to be at upper level in zodiac’s. If Mercury is in any of the conditions mentioned above in the birth chart of a native, then he should never donate green substances and objects. Donation of green clothes, things and even green food items is prohibited for such a person. Apart from this, this native should neither keep fishes in his house nor should he ever feed the fish.

 Planet Jupiter-
When Jupiter is in Sagittarius , Cancer and Pisces zodiac, it attains exaltation. The native's horoscope in which Jupiter is in such a state, he should not do yellow coloured substances. Donation of gold, brass, saffron, religious literature or objects etc. should not be done. Donating these items reduces the respect in the society.

Planet Venus-
If Venus is in Taurus, Pisces and Libra, then it is considered in the higher house. If the person in the horoscope has such a position of Venus, he should not donate white coloured aromatic substances, otherwise the physical happiness of the person starts to decrease. Apart from this, donations of newly purchased items and curd, sugar candy, butter, pure ghee, cardamom etc. should also not be donated.

 Planet Saturn -
 If Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra, then it is in auspicious and is said to be of a higher zodiac. If Saturn is in your horoscope, then you should never forget to donate black coloured substances. Apart from this, donate iron, wood and furniture, oil or oily material, building material etc. should not be donated.
Planet Rahu-
If Rahu is in Virgo, Taurus and Gemini then it is of a higher zodiac. If the person's horoscope is the sum of any one of these conditions, then such a person should not donate blue, brown substances. Also, you should avoid disrespecting food. Whenever you sit down to eat this food, take it as much as you are hungry, leaving jut in the plate can be overwhelming.

 Planet Ketu-
If Ketu is in the Pisces zodiac, it is self-occupied and in Scorpio or Sagittarius, then it attains highness. If Ketu is in the above position in your horoscope then you should never keep a bird in the house, otherwise money will be wasted in vain works. Apart from this, donate brown, picture-colored clothes, blankets, sesame or sesame-made material etc. should not be donated.
Note: - Never donate Lagnesh, no matter how weak and lowly, donations are always made to lowly and weak planets and not to the higher planet. Mantras of the higher planet are chanted and if the higher planet is weak then increase the mantra chanting as needed.
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