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Dream Astrology: Follow these remedies for relief, If bad Nightmares trouble you

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 Nov 2021 08:37 PM IST
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It is common for people to have dreams in their sleepy states. We see different types of dreams in our sleep, some dreams are very scary, some are shocking. Sometimes a good thing is seen which makes us laugh and in some, a bad thing is seen which makes us cry. On seeing such dreams, we become disappointed and despondent.

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Although we take dreams in a common way in astrology, it has been said that there are few signs which are hidden behind our dreams. The sages have done a lot of research on dreams. Sage Muni says, that in the dreams which we see shortly before sunrise, there is some indication hidden behind them that something good or bad is going to happen in our life. The effect of dreams has also been told in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

 If you want to avoid the consequences of inauspicious dreams, then sages have given some remedies for this. You can reduce the effect of inauspicious dreams by taking these measures. Let us know about those measures.

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1) Bow to Tulsi

Whenever you see a bad dream, go to the Tulsi plant present in your house. Close your eyes and fold your hands with full devotion. Then meditate on Lord Vishnu with folded hands and tell him your problem. By doing this, you can avoid the trouble that may come.

 2) Meditate on Aradhya

On the day when you see such a dream which has troubled you a lot, go to your beloved and bow at their feet. According to the capacity you have, offer something at the feet of your beloved. Donate that offering to a temple or give it to a beggar.

3) Donate white cheese

If you have a bad or disturbing dream on Monday night, then offer white-colored flowers to Lord Shiva on the next day. Apart from this, you should also donate white things. You can donate rice or sugar to any needy.

4) Pray to Hanuman Ji

If you have a bad dream on Tuesday night, then to avoid its ill effects, you should donate moong without peel on the next day. After this, you go to Hanuman Ji’s temple and offer coconut and red-colored flowers to him. Along with this, you should also recite Hanuman Chalisa.

5) Worship Ganpati Ji

Whenever you have a bad dream on Wednesday night, then worship Lord Ganapati on the next day and also offer coconut to him.

 6) Donate turmeric and sandalwood

If you have a bad dream on Thursday night, then donate turmeric and gram dal with yellow cloth on the next day to reduce its effect.

  7)  Sugar candy, rice donation

Whenever you see a bad dream on Friday night, then on the next day donate rice, sugar candy, white sweets, and sweet butter.

8) Donate the things of Shani Dev

After having a bad dream on Saturday night, donate whatever (according to your capacity) to Shani Dev the next day.

 9)  If you had a dream on Sunday, then do it

If you have a bad dream on Sunday, then donate jaggery or red cloth in the morning of the next day. Apart from this, you should go to any temple and offer coconut or red-colored flowers to God.

Offer Rabri Kheer to Lord Lakshmi-Narayan on the day of Kartik Purnima

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