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Dusshera 2021: Do these measures to get relief from sorrows and opponents

my Jyotish Expert Updated 15 Oct 2021 10:15 AM IST
Dusshera: remove sorrow and opponents
Dusshera: remove sorrow and opponents - Photo : google

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Dusshera 2021: Do these measures to get relief from sorrows and opponents
In astrology, the day of Dussehra is considered vital. It is accepted that in case there are any issues throughout everyday life, assuming measures identified with them are taken on this day, alleviation can be found. Here we are telling with regards to whatever cures which, whenever finished with full confidence and confidence, dispose of distresses and enemies. So we should discover… .

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1. If you have terrible dreams, recalling Maa Kali upon the arrival of Dussehra, offer dark sesame seeds to her and apologize for your mix-up. By this you will get paradise and there will be no bad dreams. 

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2. Whether it is a task or business, on the off chance that achievement isn't coming, upon the arrival of Dussehra, offer 10 sorts of natural products to Adi Shakti Durga. Then, at that point, circulate it among poor people. However, remember that while offering Bhog to the Goddess, serenade the mantra 'Om Vijayayai Namah'. It is accepted that by doing this one gets achievement in each field. 

3. Worshiping Shami for nine days in Navratri to get alleviation from any lawful issue addresses lawful issues and case. Aside from this, upon the arrival of Dussehra, offer supplications to Hanumanji by offering jaggery and gram and laddus in the evening. It is accepted that doing this gives alleviation from a wide range of issues. 
4. To get relief from financial problems, make an octagonal lotus shape with kumkum, sandalwood and flowers in the north-east corner of the house during the afternoon of Dussehra. After this, remembering Goddess Jaya and Vijaya and worshiping them with full rituals. After worshiping the goddess, light a lamp of ghee near the Shami plant. After this, pick up the soil from Shami and keep it in the corner of the house. It is believed that by doing this, money related problems are removed.

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