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Every dream tells your future, know the truth of your dreams

My jyotish expert Updated 17 Oct 2021 07:34 PM IST
Every dream tells your future, know the truth of your dreams
Every dream tells your future, know the truth of your dreams - Photo : My Jyotish Expert

There is hardly anyone in the world who does not dream. Everyone dreams. Many times we make fun of these dreams, but every time some message is hidden behind these dreams. We often see in dreams what we want. You think for yourself, why do we often see the same things in a dream that we often think about or we have a desire to get that thing. According to the scriptures, every dream has its own place. The dreams which we see before dawn, that is, in Brahma Muhurta, we get the fruits of them within 10 days. At the same time, the result of the dream seen in the first watch of the night comes after one year, the result of the dream seen in the second watch is revealed after 6 months, the fruit of the dream seen in the third watch comes after 3 months and the result of the dream of the last watch is revealed in one month.

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People who like to sleep during the day have dreams many times. According to astrology, even when there is a dasha of Rahu in the horoscope or when Rahu is afflicted, nightmares occur. Dreams have also been mentioned in our ancient texts which gives us future vision in dreams. According to the scriptures, sometimes our unsatisfied souls also take away our dreams. Because of which we start having scary dreams. The reason for this is believed to be tantra-mantras or witchcraft.

Know what is the meaning of your dreams 
1- If ever you see yourself taking bitter medicine in your dreams, it means that your time will be full of difficulties.
2- Ants come in the dream and if you are killing ants, it means that you may suffer loss in business.
3- Seeing yourself trapped in a sea in a dream is understood with a boat, it may have to be raised in the coming time.
4- Seeing a child crying in a dream is also considered inauspicious. It is a sign that you will face failure and disappointment.
5- Seeing a broom in a dream is also considered inauspicious. This is a sign of our economic shortage that there may be an economic crisis.
6- If you ever see yourself crying about someone's death in your dream, it means that he is about to grow old.
7- If you see or eat any juicy fruit in your dream, both are auspicious.
8- Seeing a child raising a dream gives immense happiness for the coming family
9- Seeing a toy in a dream indicates that you will soon get child happiness.
10- If you see your own laughing face in the dream, then it is a attainment of joy.
11- Laughing at yourself is called a sad dream.
12- Seeing yourself eating a delicious dish, is an indicator of your health being deteriorating.
13- Seeing dirt in the dream and seeing that very bad dirt is a good sign. Money is often gained in such a dream.
14- If you see a dead person in the family repeatedly in a dream, then understand that it is a sign of being unsatisfied.
15-Instead of sleeping after having any dream, spend time in hymns, contemplation and do not tell the dream to anyone. We often tell our dreams to someone or the other.
16- If you have had a bad dream then try to sleep again. As soon as you wake up in the morning, definitely tell the bad dream to someone.
17- After getting up in the morning, chant Gayatri Mantra, do bath-donation-ritual.
18- Along with this, donate food items to any needy person, feed sweet milk to a small child or feed sweets.

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