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Find out auspicious nakshatras and months for marriage

my Jyotish Expert Updated 28 Sep 2021 05:15 PM IST
nakshatra for marriage
nakshatra for marriage - Photo : google
As per astrology, marriage is additionally a significant practice among every significant ceremonies, in which several begins their new life. In Hinduism, marriage is viewed as sacred ritual just as a divine ritual.As per Indian ceremonies, at the hour of marriage, the spouse is viewed as Vishnu and the lady as Goddess Lakshmi. Keeping in see the virtue of this custom, our sages had arranged the guidelines for marriage, wherein there are numerous exercises like favorable and foreboding time, Muhurta and Kundli. Shubh Nakshatra is a significant part of marriage. That is the reason pessimism and unpropitious powers in wedded life stay away by the completion of marriage in an auspicious constellation.Knowing the propitious group of stars for marriage is a necessary part of the marriage cycle in Hindu culture. Alongside this, scientific logic is also hidden behind this.

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Auspicious nakshatra for marriage

As per astrology, it is very important to have the right constellation for successful completion of any kind of auspicious work. The presence of propitious constellations is also necessary for the date being searched for marriage. 27 constellations have been described in astrology, some of the constellations described are considered best for marriage such as Anuradha, Mool, Magha, Rohini, Uttara Bhadrapada, Uttara Phalguni, Swati, Mrigashira, Uttara Ashadha, Swati, Hasta. And Revati, these constellations are considered auspicious. On the other hand, all the other constellations are considered inauspicious for marriage.

Auspicious month for marriage

As per astrological science, by marrying in an propitious marriage Muhurta, the life of the bride and groom remains positive and better harmony and love remains between them. That is why it has been said in Hindu scriptures and by our elders that it is also important to have an auspicious month with auspicious constellation for marriage. As per Hindu calendar, out of the twelve months of the year, only six months are considered propitious and beneficial for marriage. Those months are Jyeshtha, Ashadha, Month, Falgun, Vaishakh and Margashirsha which are considered suitable for marriage. All other months are not considered propitious for marriage.

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Favourable time for marriage

You must have come to know about the sanctity of marriage by now. This ritual is also considered sacred because the deities are invoked for blessings in this ritual. With the blessings of these, the marriage bond is considered successful. Therefore, to get the blessings of the gods, the propitious time of marriage is known after studying the appropriate constellation and month. Meanwhile, there are some months in the year which can create hurdles in this work. Therefore, auspicious work like marriage is prohibited in the middle of these months. Let us tell you that from Devshayani Ekadashi till Devuthani Ekadashi, marriage is completely prohibited. Along with this, marriage is considered useless even when the Jupiter and Venus star are set.

Triple matching with Nakshatra Month is also required for the blessings of the Gods. That is why it is very necessary to find out the triple matching while finding out all the dates and auspicious constellations regarding marriage. Triple means three forces in which the force of Sun, Moon and Jupiter is seen. In Triple matching, the power of the Sun for the boy, the force of Jupiter for the girl child and the Moon force for both the bride and groom are studied by astrologers.Sun is seen as a bride, Venus is a girl, Mars is a brother, Moon is a mother, Jupiter is a guru and Rahu is seen with reference to the in-laws side. Hence the study of Triple matching is considered essential before marriage.

Know auspicious constellations and months for marriage

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