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Follow these remedies for early marriage

Myjyotish Expert Updated 07 Apr 2021 02:26 PM IST
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Follow these remedies for early marriage

1. The most important way to remove the hindrance or obstacles from the marriage of men is to worship Goddess Durga.

Under which one has to follow some rituals like bathing in the morning, with pure body and pure mind, chant this sloka given in Durgasaptashti with a rosary of Rudraksha.

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Mantra: Wife Manorama Dehi Manvrishtnu Saariniam.

Tarinindurgas Sarsagarsya Kulodbhavam
According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, if there is any kind of delay in your home too, then there are many ways to diagnose it. According to Pandit Sharma it is believed that all these measures are helpful in completing your work.

Here are the solutions for both the young woman: 

Mantra for quick marriage: The following four-footed Ram Mancharit Manas with a rosary of Tulsi reciting 108 times in front of Ram Sita’s picture is considered a divine experiment for early marriage.

“Suni true truth
Pujhihi Mana Kamna Tihari”

– If there is a lot of delay in the marriage, then plant a pomegranate tree in the temple premises and water it daily.

Add raw milk and water and offer it to the Shivling daily.

Feed the cow with fodder or green spinach daily.
Good relationships will begin.

– If there is any hindrance in the marriage of the girl, then take 5 coconuts of worshipers, By placing it before Lord Shiva.

– “ ॐ Shree vara pradaya shree namah” Chant the five beads of the mantra.

After chanting on a daily basis and offer five coconuts in the temple of Shiva, the barriers of marriage will go away automatically.

For fast marriage, the girl should fast for at least 16 Mondays and go to Shiva temple every Monday to perform Jalabhishek, make up Maa Parvati, also tie a nexus between Shiva and Parvati and pray for an early marriage.

Best marriage proposals will start coming.
– To fulfill the wish of the bride, the girl should chant a garland by worshiping Shiva and Gauri of the following mantra.

“Om Namah Manobhilakshitram Dehri Varna Om Om Gora Parvati Devai Namah ”

– The marriage of a girl is seen soon after the regular recitation of the Shiva Parvati marriage episode in the Balakanda of Ramcharit Manas.

– Marriage desiring boy or girl perform Jalabhishek on Lord Shankar on Friday and 108 Shwetark flowers offering
– “Om Namah Shivaya” on Shivling,

Pray for early marriage as well as need to  offer 21 bilva patras on Shankar ji

Do this at least 7 Fridays, marriage proposals will start coming soon.
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