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Ganesh Chaturthi 2021:Know the story behind Ganesha's Marriage to Riddhi And Siddhi

My Jyotish Expert Updated 10 Sep 2021 09:42 AM IST
Ganesha's marriage
Ganesha's marriage - Photo : My Jyotish
Lord Ganesha is worshipped before the beginning of any auspicious event or before any important work so that it can be completed without any obstacle. Even during wedding functions, Ganesha is worshipped firstly among all the Gods. He is considered to be the God who is intelligent, lovable and the one who removes the troubles from people’s life. When it comes to the marriage of Lord Ganesha there was a strange coincidence that happened. He himself struggled to get married and so he used to create hindrance to every marriage that used to take place. As per mythical tales, Lord Ganesha wanted to stay brahmachari (Celibate). But it was in His luck that not only His resolution to remain celibate broke but he also married two woman - Riddhi and Siddhi. Let's know how Riddhi and Siddhi became His wives.

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1.Ganesha Refusal To Marry TulsiAs per many tales, once Lord Ganesha was in deep meditation and Tulsi was crossing through his way, when she looked at him she got really infatuated towards Him. She wanted to marry Ganesha but He refused telling Her about the resolution of never getting married.
2. Ganesha Curse on TulsiTulsi got really furious after Her proposal to get married to Ganesha was rejected by Him, hence, She cursed Him that he will get married not only once but twice. In return, Ganesha too cursed Tulsi that she will be getting married to an “Asura” or devil. This is why during the pooja of Ganesha, Tulsi leaves are never used.
3. Ganesha Followed Brahamacharya There are also other tales which tell why Ganesha wanted to remain a brahmachari, according to them Lord Ganesha was unhappy with his body. He had a pot belly, a face that resembled an elephant and that’s why he believed nobody would want to marry Him, so being upset about it He took an oath of never getting married. He was so dejected that He used to create an obstacle wherever a marriage ceremony was taking place so that the function could not be concluded.
4. Gods Got Upset With Him   Lord Ganesha felt that now he himself is not getting married, he would not let others marry too. His vehicle, mouse too accompanied Him in His mischief. This made other Gods and Goddesses really upset with Him. They went to Brahma so He could do something about it. Two daughters of Brahma appeared from His yagya, Riddhi and Siddhi. Both were His human daughters.
5. Riddhi and Siddhi Distracted HimBrahma took both of His daughters to Lord Ganesha and asked Him to teach them. As per Brahma’s request, Ganesha started teaching Riddhi and Siddhi. Whenever Ganesha got to know about anyone getting married, both Riddhi and Siddhi used to distract Him as well as to His mouse. This way every marriage took place without any trouble caused by Ganesha.
6. Lord Ganesha’s Marriage Happened This WayOne day the news of people getting married without any hindrance reached Ganesha. This got Him really infuriated and He was about to curse Riddhi and Siddhi, Brahma reached at that time and stopped Ganesha from cursing them. Brahma puts the proposal of Riddhi and Siddhi marriage to Him, which he accepts and then they get married. Two sons are born of their marriage whose names are - Shubh and Labh.

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