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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Ganga Saptami 2021: Ganga Saptami is today, chant the mantra, Ganga aarti, know from the story, How Ganga came on earth

Ganga Saptami 2021: Ganga Saptami is today, chant the mantra, Ganga aarti, know from the story, How Ganga came on earth

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 May 2021 04:33 PM IST
Ganga Saptami
Ganga Saptami - Photo : Google
Ganga Saptami 2021: Today, on 18th May, Tuesday is celeberated as Ganga Saptami. Today devotees are worshiping Mother Ganga at home due to the prevailing pandemic. According to mythological beliefs, on the day of Vaishakh Shukla Saptami, Ganga had descended for the first time from the kamandal of Parampita Brahma. Pleased with the harsh penance of Rishi Bhagiratha, Ganga came to earth.

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It is believed that on this day all the sins of the devotee who take a dip in the holy Ganga are destroyed and after death he gets salvation. In fact, every year before the Corona period, a huge crowd of devotees used to gather on the banks of the Ganges on the holy day of Shri Ganga Saptami, but this time due to the lockdown, people are celebrating Shri Ganga Saptami at home.

So Come let’s know the mantra, aarti and Katha of Mother Ganga on Shri Ganga Saptami.
Mantra of Maa Ganga:
Today, chant the mantra of Mother Ganga – 
ॐ नमो गंगायै विश्वरूपिण्यै नारायण्यै नमो नम:
(Om Namo Gangaai Vishwarooprinai Narayanyai Namo Namah)

Story of the descent of Ganga on earth:
According to mythological belief, mother Ganga was born from a drop of sweat born in the feet of Lord Vishnu. Another belief is that Ganga originated from the kamandal of Parampita Brahma. It is also mentioned that on this day, Radha-Krishna was so lost in each other while doing raslila that both of them took the form of water. Brahma put this pure water in his kamandal.

The most popular belief is that the sage Bhagirath did tapasya of Maa Ganga for many years to save the 60,000 sons of King Sagar, to liberate him from the curse of Kapil Muni and to quench the thirst of the people of the earth. Pleased with the austerity of Bhagiratha, mother Ganga agreed to come to earth.
But when the Goddess earth listened to the descent of the Ganges, she began to tremble with fear, thinking about the velocity of the Ganges. On this, Bhagiratha prayed to Lord Shiva to kindly reduce the velocity of the Ganges so that there is no damage to the earth. Then on the day of Ganga Saptami, Ganga came into the jatas of  lord Shiv and her velocity decreased slightly. After this, the mother Ganga descended into the earth through Lord Shiva's body.

Ganga Aarti:

Om Jai Gange Mata, Shri Jai Gange Mata
Jo Nar Tumko Dhyata, Man Vanchhit Phal Pata
Om Jai Gange Mata...
Chandra Si Jyot Tumhari, Jal Nirmal Aata
Sharan Pade Jo Teri, So Nar Tar Jata
Om Jai Gange Mata.....
Putra Sagar Ke Tare, Sab Jag Ko Gyata
Kripa Drishti Tumhari, Tribhuvan Sukh Data
Om Jai Gange Mata.....
Ek Bar Jo parani, sharan teri aata
Yum Ki Tras Mitakar, Paramgati Pata
Om Jai Gange Mata.....
Aarti Mat Tumhari, Jo Jan Nitya Gata
Sevak Wahi Sahaj Me, Mukti Ko Pata
Om Jai Gange Mata.....

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