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Gayatri Jyanti Special; Know Why Lord Brahma married Goddess Gayatri after Mother Saraswati?

My Jyotish Expert Updated 19 Jun 2021 08:51 PM IST
Why Brahma married Gayatri after Saraswati?
Why Brahma married Gayatri after Saraswati? - Photo : Google
Lord Brahma is regarded as the creator God in Hinduism. He was married to Goddess Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Ever wondered why Brahma married Goddess Gayatri, when he was already married to Goddess Saraswati? This unique mythological story will reveal the secret of this question pondering in your mind.

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As mentioned in the Padma purana, a demon named Vajranabh tormented Rishi Parashar’s disciples. Rishi Parashar was a great sage at that time. He prayed and requested Lord Brahma to help. Brahma threw the lotus flower held in his hand at Vajranabh and the demon was executed.

A lake was created at the place where the lotus petals fell. This place was named as Pushkar as It was created by the flower held in Brahma’s palm (pushp- flower kar- palm). Rishi Parashar and his disciples were then told by Brahma to make the place their home. Brahma then decided to perform Yagna, a fire sacrifice to mark the birth of the city Pushkar. He required the presence of his consort to complete the ceremonies. Saraswati had gone to invite Laxmi, Parvati and Indra’s wife Shachi. She failed to arrive at the Yagna ceremony.

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This infuriated Lord Brahma so much that he asked Indra to find him any woman to get married. Indra went out in search of a woman and found a beautiful shepherdess. She was none other than the Goddess Gayatri. At that time, Adishakti had incarnated in the form of Gayatri to help Brahma. Brahma married her and she became his second companion.

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When Saraswati arrived and saw that Brahma had married someone else and started the Yagna without her, she could not bear the humiliation and cursed him and said that henceforth he would not be worshiped anywhere other than at Pushkar.

According to the mythological beliefs drawn from this story, Lord Brahma is not worshipped anywhere in India apart from Pushkar and no temple of him is present in India apart from Pushkar.

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