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Gemini Sign: Know What Your Zodiac Says About Your Temperament

My Jyotish Expert Updated 23 Sep 2021 10:37 AM IST
Gemini - Photo : Google
Geminis are those who are born between May 21 and June 21. People of this zodiac sign are mostly clever and smart people, possessing knowledge on almost every subject. They like to get into intellectual discussions, even in talks that help them to be a more learned person. They can talk about anything and everything because their interests vary so much. They also have the quality of convincing people very easily. However, their temperament is something that can put them in a difficult situation. Despite trying their best to keep their calm, they can totally lose their calmness when things don’t go as per their expectations and planning. There are some weaknesses that have a chance of putting them into unfavorable events. Well, who doesn’t have a weakness? Having the knowledge about it can help one to dig deep into themselves and introspect so as to make things right. Keep on reading to know the weaknesses of Geminis.

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Mercurial Temperament

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, which no doubt affects their temperament. They can get angry way too easily, however, their anger usually doesn’t last for long. As soon as they can get angry, later or sooner than that they will calm down as well. So their temperament can be said to be mercurial. No doubt they can be a very interesting person to interact with but their temperament can really confuse people at times.
Juggling Between Too Many Things

Geminis are those who do not like wasting their time so they try to balance many things at once. Sometimes it does work for them but then there are times where it can get really difficult to manage. That can also lead to situations where because of lack of concentration at one place, they mess up things.
Naive Nature

These people usually like spending their time doing something productive and are also attracted towards similar sorts of people. However due to their nature of easily getting impressed with people leads them to trust way too easily. Their this nature can end up hurting them a little too much. They should be cautious when making new friends or getting involved into any relationships.
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Get Anxious Very Often

It does not take much to make Geminis restless. The smallest of problems can make them very anxious. They easily get caught up in situations which they should not even care about, which no doubt leads them to overthink and then they get anxious so much that it distracts them from every other thing.
Puts Too Much Focus On Trivial Things

These people are full of curiosity which is fine until they really submerge themselves into details. Trivials things if not done properly can disturb their mind way more than it should. Rather than seeing the bigger picture, they get consumed with little things. And this is one of the weaknesses that really hurts them way too often.
Tries Too Hard To Prove Their Point

Usually, Geminis are those who are well-read and informed. But this habit can put them in situations where they spend too much of their time making their point. They don’t like being wronged and so to prove themselves right they will try to over-explain everything.
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Fickle Minded

They are someone who tries to see every aspect of a subject and then makes any decision. But this can at times lead them in a situation where they keep on changing their mind so as not to make any wrong decisions. This fickleness does more harm than good to them.
Can Be Really Nosy At Times

As mentioned above, they are those who are very curious people and like learning new things and interacting. However, their habit of being too much curious can at times put them in a wrong position as nobody really likes to be getting too much questioned.
Take Less Care Of Their Emotions

Geminis get so much caught up in work that they totally ignore their own feelings, which no doubt makes them emotionally weak. It is important for them to take care of their emotions first and then do the rest of the work.
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