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Gemstone astrology 2022: Know which gemstone is special and can bring fortune for you, as per your zodiac

My jyotish expert Updated 02 Jun 2022 02:35 AM IST
Gemstone astrology
Gemstone astrology - Photo : Google
Gemstones are often referred to as stones, which hold a very important place in astrology. The study of astrology proves that different birthstones compliment different zodiac signs. With the help of the best birthstone, a person can enable his hidden power. These gems influence a person's personality, relationship and professional relationship and promote the betterment of existence according to their zodiac sign.

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The zodiac
Tells the period at the time of your birth and the position of the planets and the position of the sun in the solar system. The zodiac signs are divided into twelve houses, which have different periods. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo Fire, Earth, Air and Water are the energies associated with gems. When you get the right birthstone according to the zodiac, where all the elements work together, it results in a smooth and happy life.

Aries zodiac stone
Dated March 21-April 19, Gemstone Diamond, Bloodstone, Topaz. Planet Mars. It ranks Aries first, reflecting the quality of a driven, optimistic and courageous person. Aries sign people are likely to stay positive and expect the best in every possible way. They are forthright. People with Aries zodiac sign show shining and valuable characteristics. Diamond, the hardest gemstone can elevate the status of Aries by providing all the necessary elements. Diamond helps to secure your career path in Modelling, Film and Television Those who are engaged in women-oriented business like jewellery, clothing, crockery etc. should wear diamond. A diamond of 0.5 to 1 carat is enough to bring about efficient changes in life. A silver or gold ring studded with diamonds should be made and after chanting the Shukra Mantra, it should be worn on the middle or little finger. Diamond shows results within 30 days.

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The birthstone date for Taurus is April 21 - May 20. Birthstone Rose Quartz, Emerald. planet venus, element earth
He is relaxed and loving. Taurus is reliable, practical, ambitious and the epitome of sensuality. The people of the Taurus zodiac are always in search of happiness. They are stubborn by nature but not rude.
Rose Quartz Stone The characteristic of Taurus is that they would like to fulfil their wish. They have passion for their desires and are aware of their goals. Rose Quartz helps to keep them motivated and focused. It also removes all the negativity around you and helps you to accomplish your daily or work goals. To keep Rose Quartz with you at all times, either wear them with jewellery like these rings, pendant lockets, or earrings, or you can even carry it in your purse/wallet. You can also place Rose Quartz in the middle of your home or your workplace to maintain peace and harmony and to ward off negativity, it is good to have Rose Quartz in your bed to restore trust and love.

Date 21 May - 21 June, gemstone emerald, agate, planet Mercury, element air. In the third position, Gemini gives the quality of expressiveness, cleverness and happiness, this zodiac is influenced by Mercury and the element Air. Geminis are energetic and passionate and keep their lives interesting. Gemstones like Pearl, Emerald and Agate are good to use. The pearl gemstone represents the moon. Pearls help to stabilize our minds and help us to think analytically. Pearls can uplift the quality of life of a person. The minimum weight of the pearl should be at least 5 carats. It should be worn on Monday between 10 am to 11 am. It should be worn with a silver or gold ring on the little finger of the right hand according to one's ability. While wearing the ring "Om Som Somaya Nam" should be changed.

Date 22 June - 22 July, Gemstone Ruby (Manikya), Emerald, Moonstone. Element water. Cancer harmonizes with Ruby in the fourth position. Positive traits are creative, spontaneous, loyal, loving and emotional. Cancer signs people are generous towards others and they will understand their strengths and powers and work on them efficiently. Ruby stone, brings good luck in the life of Cancer natives. You will get a promotion at every stage of your life. Ruby attracts knowledge, wealth and prosperity. Ruby is an effective but expensive gemstone. The weight of the ruby stone should be between 3 to 6 carats, which should be inlaid in a silver or gold ring. It should be worn on Sundays between 5 am and 6 am. The mantra should be chanted while wearing this birthstone. Ruby should be worn on the ring finger.

Leo sun sign
Date 23 July - 23 August, Gemstone Diamond, Ruby. Leo has the same qualities as the Sun, warm, friendly and caring. The positive traits of Leo born are energy, optimism and loyal. It is believed that the people of the Leo zodiac are kind and big-hearted. Peridot Stone An olive-coloured stone associated with a lion. They only have green colours. Happiness comes in the life of the wearer of Peridot. It enhances the ability of people to understand relationships and vitality. Peridot gemstone should be embedded in a gold or silver ring, pendant or bracelet. It should be worn on Wednesday
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