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Get your wishes fulfilled by doing these measures on the day of lunar eclipse

My jyotish expert Updated 27 Oct 2021 06:37 PM IST
lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse - Photo : google
Lunar eclipse is going to happen on November 19 this year. This will be the last lunar eclipse of the year. This eclipse will last from 11:34 am to 05:33 pm on November 19. Let us tell you that this will be a partial lunar eclipse, which will be visible for some time only in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh of India. Apart from this, this lunar eclipse can be seen in America, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia and Pacific Ocean region.

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Lunar eclipse time in India
According to Indian time, the lunar eclipse will start from 11:34 am on Friday, November 19, 2021, which will end at 05:33 pm. Although the Sutak of eclipse will not be valid in India, but according to religious belief, it is very important to take care of some special things during the eclipse. One should refrain from eating, cooking and worshiping during the Sutak period. During this one should meditate on God. One should take bath after eclipse. Pregnant women are advised to take special precautions during the eclipse period. Worshiping Lord Shiva during lunar eclipse gives benefits.

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Be aware of this zodiac
Jyotishacharya says that this lunar eclipse will take place in Taurus and Kritika constellation. For this reason, this lunar eclipse will not be auspicious for the people of Taurus. The people of this zodiac should avoid arguments and wasteful expenses with anyone. If possible, during this period Taurus sign people should meditate on the Lord by staying in solitude. By doing this the mind will remain calm and this difficult time will pass easily.
In astrology, a lot of importance of lunar eclipse has been told. It has been said that the measures taken during the lunar eclipse become very effective. Especially if measures are taken for money after the lunar eclipse, then benefits are obtained very soon. Therefore, astrological measures should be taken for the arrival of money just after the lunar eclipse.

If you also want to get the desired benefit on the day of the eclipse, then by doing these measures, you can get the desired benefit: -
1. On the day of the lunar eclipse, take a lock and keep it in the shadow of the moon. The next morning after waking up, take that lock to a temple and keep it. The belief behind doing this is that by doing this, the financial constraints of the people are removed, as well as the sleeping luck of the person also wakes up.

2. After the lunar eclipse is over, take a bath and offer red flowers to Mahalakshmi and pray that she should come to the family and stay forever in the form of Barkat. Also wish that the Goddess never gets angry and never shows her Alakshmi form in the house.

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3. On the day of the lunar eclipse, put kumkum on a lotus flower and put it in the flowing water and pray to God that with the flower, all the misery, pain, distress and poverty of your family and family should be removed from the house. be happy at home

4. On the day of lunar eclipse, take a bowl of flour, a bowl of rice, a bowl of black urad dal and some money, while meditating on God, pray that Lord this lunar eclipse proves to be auspicious for me and my family. And never let the inauspicious results of lunar eclipse trouble my family.
5. On the day of lunar eclipse, recite the names and mantras with reverence by chanting the names of Lord Shri Hari and Mata Tulsi along with your entire family. It is believed that this is very simple.

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If you want to be blessed by the celestial body Sun, then do these measures
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